The Lost Night Trilogy-Book One: Black/Night


ImageComing 2013 From Rebel Ink Press

Unedited Excerpt from Black/Night


He smiled wickedly and I shivered.

“The water is rather cold. Isn’t it?” Marc said in response to my shiver. “Let me warm you up.” He tried to kiss me but I kicked his leg out from under him landing him in the water on his knees.

I didn’t care if he got mad. In fact I hoped he would become angry enough to kill me right there. At that moment I really believed death was preferable to going home with him.

Until…I almost got my wish.

Marc pulled my legs out from under me and I joined him on the river’s floor.

He grabbed me by my hair, but this time, instead of trying to kiss me, he shoved my head under the water and held it there.

When I started to struggle he put his knee down in the center of my back I panicked, right before I started to pray. I asked for forgiveness for my thoughts of wanting to die. I promised God if he would let me live I would fight to save myself, Johnny, and Nathan.

I’m so sorry Johnny, I really did love you. I thought as my air ran out.


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