Coming in October From Rebel Ink Press

Celebrating his latest success with a trip to Las Vegas, Business Tycoon Tyler Wells is in for the shock of his life. Electrocuted by a slot machine, he finds himself suspended between life and death, facing the man who holds the key between Heaven and Hell. To save his soul, Tyler will be sent on a mission to prevent a woman from taking her own life–a woman he has wronged in the past.

When her husband left her for another woman, Jenny Spencer was heartbroken.When her employer told her they were closing their doors for good, she was frustrated. But learning the man she’d fallen in love with was responsible for her employer’s demise leaves her devastated.

Will Tyler see the error of his ways in time to win back the woman he loves or will his pride condemn them both?

Unedited Excerpt

Being one of the world’s richest bachelors meant he never lacked a willing female to accompany him for a wild, all expenses paid, weekend in Vegas. In fact they begged him.

This fateful night, feeling high on success—and whiskey—Tyler decided it was time his current squeeze earned her trip.

Finding her seated at what he considered one of the “girly” slot machines, he leaned over and nipped her earlobe. “I want you. Now!”

She took her eyes off the game long enough to pout. “But I’m winning. And it’s still early. Can’t we stay just a little bit longer?”

Tyler leaned over her shoulder and hit the cash-out button. “No,” he said. “We can’t.”


Tyler lifted her off the stool and pressed his lips to hers. “Playing with me gives you much better odds of hitting the big one,” he murmured while reaching over to retrieve her ticket.

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