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Blurb: unedited

On the edges of humanity exists a species not so different from man, a race of beautiful creatures, strong creatures that have survived in spite of humanity. One such creature, a beauty named Pearl, discovers that one of her kind is brutally killing humans.

Her kind, being vampire, and immortal, have been sworn never to harm the lower species called humans. The process of taking blood, a few precious ounces at a time, a necessity for their very existence, has been a ritual since the beginning of time. The human is their vessel.  Wiped of any memory, the human is none the wiser, relaxed and sated.

Humans are calling the brutal murders the work of a “serial killer”, but Peal knows that’s not the case.  So does her protector and fellow vampire, who calls for help. A vampire, a male warrior answers his plea. Upon meeting Pearl, Charon can’t hide his desire for Pearl and takes her to his bed, falling hopelessly under her spell.  

Together these gorgeous creatures track down a devious killer, destroy a threat to all humanity and fall deeply in love.  Theirs is a desire like no other and one that is dark and born of blood. Dark desire of blood, and no the human kind. 

Just a small tease unedited excerptDARK DESIRE OF BLOOD

She touched his face and a small giggle escaped her lips. “I love you.”

Pearl sighed as he moved the sheets off her naked body. He started with her toes kissing each one, and sucking on them one at a time.

“You really are good enough to eat,” he said teasingly.

He kissed each slender calf and then he moved up her legs to her thighs. He took his large hands and spread her thighs open, she heard him gasp.

“Open up for me Pearl, Christ you’re beautiful,” he said his eyes crimson and his fangs evident against his lips.

“Charon,” she whispered.

 His hands went to the soft wet folds that lead to the slit to her vagina. He bent his head and began kissing her, his tongue seeking her clitoris. He looked ravenous as he plunged his tongue deep inside of her. His hands went under her buttocks bringing her as close to his mouth as he could get her. She grabbed his long blonde hair savoring his tongue as it worked feverously between her clitoris and wet slick vagina. Pearl‘s body bucked as he ran his tongue over her hot wet pussy to her ass. He labored there to intensify her pleasure. She came. His mouth stayed with her body until it relaxed.

 “Baby this is going to be fast and furious,” he said as he brought her legs up and over his shoulders. 

 She couldn’t hold back any longer. Pearl almost came again, as he plunged deep into her He slammed into her and he moaned in pure male satisfaction, his hot ejaculation filling her up. Pearl wasn’t sure if she would be able to endure the ripples that rushed through her as another earth shattering orgasm shot through her. She grabbed his neck and bit into him, needing his blood, craving it to help heal her further. She came again and called out his name, and he let out a growl, fierce and powerful as he reached the end of his pleasure.

Pearl held on to Charon, her male, her mate. How did this happen? How did she fall in love, so deeply so completely? She still had her legs wrapped around him and he still had his cock deep within her. His lips were at her cheek, his breathing steady and sure. He was spent. She felt his arms tighten around her as he pulled her closer as if trying to make her become part of him.