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A ‘deleted’ scene from Drown, written exclusively for the Rebel Elite Holiday Blog Hop!

Dom is the star quarterback of his high school football team—Damion is the school freak armed with dark anger and even darker secrets. When their two worlds collide, Dom and Damion must fight to realize who they are and what they really believe, about each other and life. In the first few chapters, Dom is dating Christine, a beautiful cheerleader who adores him. All that changes when Dom meets Damion. The effect on Dom’s close-knit group of friends is a quiet shatter.

Angela pulled up to Chance’s house with restless resolve—she’d just spent the last twenty minutes fielding texts from her best friend Christine, and the conversation had not been a happy one. If what Christine said was true, Angela knew a crisis was building within her small group of friends, and when Chance’s phone had rung and rung without answer, she decided to take matters in to her own hands. Angela knew where he would be, where he always was, when things weren’t alright. It was with no surprise she caught sight of him in the deepening dusk, out on the driveway shooting hoops.
She exited the car.
Chance heard her. He cast a quick glance over his shoulder, then went back concentrating on the net hung above the metal garage door.
His distant mood didn’t faze her. She trod over the dying lawn. The porch light flicked on as she approached. It had gotten colder since she left the school; winter was coming. “Hey babe…” she greeted sweetly.
The ball ricocheted off the backboard and fell back down to the drive, bouncing back Chance’s direction. “Hey,” he returned without looking over.
“I’ve been trying to call,” she tried.
He didn’t answer.
Angela stepped onto the concrete, pulling her sweater more tightly around her body. “I talked to Christine earlier.”
Still no response.
“She was pretty upset.”
Chance frowned. “I bet she is.”
The answer was strange—it confirmed what she had begun to suspect. “So… Is it true?”
The ball soared in arc, bouncing off the rim at the last instant. Chance shook his head and retrieved it. “Is what true?” he asked casually.
Angela shifted; she didn’t want to say it. “Is Dom… I mean, is he…”
“Gay?” Chance looked over; his eyes were clear, and calm. “Yeah. He is.”
Angela’s jaw almost dropped. Chance hadn’t fumbled over the word, or said it with surprise, disgust. It was completely natural rolling from his lips. Gay? Yeah. Like it happened every day, saying his best friend was gay. Like it was something everyone knew, that their star quarterback was a queer. Chance seemed completely okay with it. Except… Angela’s eyes narrowed, meeting her boyfriend’s gaze. There was an edge to him still. The reason he was out here, shooting hoops: why he wouldn’t return her call. He stood totally solid, calm. But quiet. Why was he so quiet?
Chance must have sensed her dissatisfaction, because he turned back to the hoop, dribbling the ball for a moment before making another shot. “You’ll never guess who he’s gay with,” came his final response.
Angela’s brows arched in shock. “He’s not actually dating someone?”
Chance frowned. “You know that freak kid, the one who’s always out in the parking lot smoking? Damion?”
“No!” she gasped.
“Yeah.” Chance was concentrating hard now, making shot after shot. “You wanna know when I found out? That my best friend was gay?”
She didn’t reply – she could feel the answer coming.
“Two weeks ago. We’ve known each other since second grade, and he only decided to tell me two weeks ago.”
Angela’s angry visage softened as she saw the pain on his. “Babe…”
“And guess who knew before I did. Just take a guess.” Chance’s shots were becoming more random now, hitting the rim and backboard with vengeance, as if they could change the way things were. “The freak kid who’s probably a witch and definitely a psycho. Have you seen the way he looks? I mean…” He couldn’t suppress an exasperated laugh. “The guy cuts himself, for fuck’s sake!”
Angela stood silent, listening.
“And Dom didn’t tell me because he was scared I’d be mad at him,” Chance laughed. He chucked the ball at the hoop, hard. It flew through the net without so much as a bound off the rim. The feat didn’t please him. “Well guess what!” he barked. “I’m fucking mad!”
Angela still hung back, watching the flood of energy rush through him and then flow out, leaving him standing on an empty driveway, suspended in the incandescent light as the weight of what he had been carrying for the last two weeks come down to crush him. Chance had known already—had known their world was falling apart at the seams, had known their lives would never be the same. He’d seen the bomb dropping in slow motion, and hadn’t said anything.
Without a word, she moved towards him, threading an arm through his. With a sigh, she rested her head on his shoulder. His chest heaved with exertion that didn’t solve anything. “I’m sorry…” she managed. She clutched his arm tighter; “… I’m so sorry,” was all she could think to say.
Eventually Chance’s breath slowed, and the anger faded. He was left only with exhaustion. With a gentle sigh, he turned and wrapped her in a hug. “I know, Ang… I’m sorry, too.”

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