An E-Book Available From Rebel Ink Press Book One Of The Lost Night Trilogy, Black Night


Sienna James must face the harsh realities that exist outside her sheltered world when she falls in love with the grandson of a rival planet’s evil ruler. Attempting to break off the doomed relationship, Sienna is kidnapped and forced into a marriage designed to destroy her father’s empire.

Johnny Black risks his life in order to rescue his unrequited love, Sienna. In order to escape, the duo must work together on a harrowing journey to the other side of their captive world. Sienna admits that for her, Johnny’s always been the one. But when a dark secret from his past is revealed, putting the couples love to the ultimate test, Sienna must decide if she can ever trust Johnny again.

He smiled wickedly and I shivered.

“The water is rather cold. Isn’t it?” Marc said in response to my shiver. “Let me warm you up.” He tried to kiss me but I kicked his leg out from under him landing him in the water on his knees.

I didn’t care if he got mad. In fact I hoped he would become angry enough to kill me right there. At that moment I really believed death was preferable to going home with him.

Until…I almost got my wish.

Marc pulled my legs out from under me and I joined him on the river’s floor.

He grabbed me by my hair, but this time, instead of trying to kiss me, he shoved my head under the water and held it there.

When I started to struggle he put his knee down in the center of my back I panicked, right before I started to pray. I asked for forgiveness for my thoughts of wanting to die. I promised God if he would let me live I would fight to save myself, Johnny, and Nathan.

I’m so sorry Johnny, I really did love you. I thought as my air ran out.

A thrilling read! January 27, 2013
By Icarus
Amazon Verified PurchaseThis book was a thrilling read. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who loves romance and adventure. She is a very talented author and I am always anticipating her next story. I have read many of her books , and I have yet to find one that I didnt thourley enjoy.
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And take a peek at an Unedited excerpt from The Lost Night Book 2, Castle of Doom

Since Nathan and Steve now occupied the room I’d used as a child, we put our things in Sienna’s old room. I smiled to myself, remembering the many nights, before I moved out on my own, imagining what it’d be like to be with Sienna, in her room. She watched me with an amused expression. “Not exactly the way I imagined it,” I said, moving aside several stuffed toys before sitting on the bed.
“Me either.” She smirked before pushing me back.
Hearing the knock on the door, I whispered in her ear, “Sorry about the honeymoon. We’ll try again once this is over.”
“Now this is the way I imagined it.” Sienna straightened her top and answered the door.
The look on her father’s face, as he stood in the doorway, told us both something was very wrong. “Nicholas?” I asked. “What is it?”
Ignoring me, he looked at Sienna. “Charles has been unsuccessful in locating your mother.”
Sienna pushed past me and ran to the bathroom. I watched the door slam shut. “She hasn’t been feeling well lately,” I explained.
Nicholas gave me a strange look before saying, “Max and I are going into town to help in the search. So far no one’s spotted any of them.”
My own stomach threatened to revolt. “You think it’s related to the message.”
“We have to consider the possibility,” Nicholas said. As Sienna stepped back into the room, he asked, “Are you feeling better, dear?”
“Yes.” Sienna leaned against me. “Dad, please tell us everything you know.”
Nicholas let out a sigh. Motioning for us to sit on the bed, he started with the fact Max had traced the message to a facility on Ryder. A facility the Nights’ owned.
When she shuddered, I wrapped my arms around Sienna. “Now we know Tressina’s involved,” she murmured. “Do you think she had mom kidnapped for revenge? Because I killed Marc?”
Nicholas shook his head. “I don’t know how she’d know you were the one who killed Marc. We’d led her to believe I was the one who ordered the hit. I think she took your mother to get back at me for that and because she blames me for bringing Shari here.” He shook his head. “I’m sure she’s behind your mother’s disappearance. What I haven’t figured out is how she got past my men and our security.”
I felt the knot tighten in my gut. I had a good idea. She had some help, help from my family. I should’ve known better than to allow Shari and Steve Jr. to return to Tosco with us. At the time, however, I’d been too pre-occupied to consider it would lead to this. “I’m sorry,” I said under my breath. “I shouldn’t have allowed Shari and Steve to accompany us here.”