The Lost Night Trilogy / Book Three Needs a Title


Rebel Ink Press released Black Night on January 17th and The contract for Book 2, Castle of Doom has been signed. Now I’ve been self editing The final book in this Trilogy and I need a little help. I need a new title. My working title is The Beginning, which just doesn’t seem right. I called it that because Book 3 takes us back in time where we learn about the war that orphaned Johnny and brought Sienna’s parents together. I’ve done some thinking and have considered the following…The Night Before? or someone I trust suggested, Before the Night?

I’d like to hear what my friends and fans have to say. Which title do you like? Or maybe you have another suggestion?
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Lori J. Gordon

Coming soon from Rebel Ink Press, Castle of Doom.
Unedited Blurb
The murder of her grandson, followed by the defection of her granddaughter and great grandson, has Tressina Night seeking Sienna’s baby as a replacement. It made no difference to her who fathered the child, either way it was her blood. Sienna owed her and when the time was right, Tressina planned collect.

When Sienna and her mother disappear, Johnny Black faces a new threat when he tracks them to a secret base on the planet Cyrock. In his attempt to free the women he and his companions learn the real reason behind the kidnapping. Tressina wants the baby.

The family’s elaborate rescue plan falls short, leaving a wounded Johnny and his sister to save his daughter from the evil clutches of Tressina Night.
Can Johnny survive another face off with Tressina and return with her baby, or will Sienna end up a childless widow?
Find out, as the Lost Night adventure continues in Castle of Doom.

And for all those waiting to find out Johnny and Sienna’s fate, here’s an unedited excerpt from Castle of Doom

Nicholas instructed the doctor to close the door and take a seat. When he did, Nicholas fixed him with an icy stare. “Harold, you’ve been our family physician for many years so I’m sure you can help us with a problem we’re having.” Nicholas paused to look at me. “Johnny here tells me he had a disturbing chat with his sister earlier today, one he later spoke with you about.”
“That’s correct. And as I explained to Johnny then, perhaps Shari hadn’t talked to Sienna since she received her test results.”
Nicholas cracked his knuckles. “Perhaps. But what disturbs me most, is why would Shari tell her brother Sienna wanted him to believe there’s no baby?”
“I don’t know. When she wakes up we can ask her.”
Both of us caught the doctor’s hesitation and Nicholas, who was even better at reading faces than I was, said sharply, “I believe you do know.”
Dr. Chandler let out a sigh. “Even if I knew something, you both understand I can’t discuss Sienna’s medical records with you without her permission.”
Fire burned in Nicholas’ eyes, but his voice remained uncharacteristically calm. “Harold, we’re unable to ask her permission at this time, though I’m sure she’d give it if she could.” He stopped to glare at the doctor. “If you have any information that may be relevant to the disappearance of my daughter I strongly suggest you tell me, now.”
Doctor Chandler looked at the floor, “I can’t discuss Sienna’s personal information. Not even with you.”
I watched Nicholas’ face turn red before he yelled, “And you know I could snap my fingers and you’d be dead. Something I won’t hesitate to do if anything happens to my daughter because you withheld information that could’ve prevented it.”
I admired the doctor for standing his ground, even though it was incredibly stupid of him. “What I know really has no bearing on Sienna’s disappearance,” he said.
“I’ll be the judge of that.” Nicholas snapped.
Uncomfortable with the way things were going, I decided to try another approach. Looking at Dr. Chandler, I said, “If Tressina believes Sienna’s pregnant with Marc’s baby, she’ll seek to get her hands on the baby before killing her. If she gives Sienna a pregnancy test will there be a baby?” I watched him closely. Seeing the mixed emotions on his face, I begged, “Please, I need to know. If there’s no baby then Sienna doesn’t have much time. I’ll take full responsibility for whatever you tell us.” I looked at Nicholas for confirmation. “And I promise it won’t leave this room.”
Nicholas nodded in agreement.
Harold Chandler sighed aloud before telling us how Sienna came to him while I’d been healing from my injuries. The fact that she might be pregnant was very upsetting to her and she’d told him she was angry because the entire month she’d spent with Marc, she was forced into having sex with him every night and denied any form of birth control. Apparently, Marc wanted a child, right away. He looked me in the eye. “Johnny, she did tell me the two of you were together once before she realized she was pregnant.”
Nicholas stared at me in anger and I just nodded before the doctor continued. “Sienna asked me to confirm her pregnancy, but under no circumstances was I to tell her who the father was.”
“And did you confirm she was pregnant?” I asked.
He looked down at the floor. “Yes.”
His answer made me mad. At him, and my wife.
“Then why’d the two of you lie to me?” I shook my head. “Why would you tell me there’s no baby? How’d Sienna expect to hide it from me?”
“She planned to make you believe she’d become pregnant on your honeymoon and…”
Remembering a conversation we’d had, I finished for him, “Babies are born early all the time. No one would think anything of it.”
A strange look came over his face before he nodded.
“So, Sienna was going to make me think it was my child…even if it wasn’t?” I felt bad I’d driven her to make such a choice. She chose to lie to me in order to keep things right between us. If the baby was Marc’s, Sienna was willing to go through the pain of raising a child she didn’t want, in order to do what she thought she must to hold onto me. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was for making her feel like it was the only way.
Doctor Chandler shook his head. “Not exactly.”
“Huh?” I blinked. “But you said…”
“What I said was she wanted you to believe you were the one, who impregnated her. That’s true. However, she had no intention of allowing you to raise Marc’s child as your own.”
For the first time since the doctor started talking, Nicholas spoke, “Now you’re confusing me,” he said. “What exactly was going to happen if it turned out that the son-of-a-bitch who raped my daughter is the father of my grandchild?”
Doctor Chandler moved to the window and silently stared out. He was obviously having a hard time with this. Finally, he turned. “When the baby was born, if it turned out Marc was the father,” he paused to look directly at me, “I was to tell Johnny the baby died in childbirth then he or she would be shipped off to Oceania immediately.”
I stood there with my mouth hanging open. I couldn’t begin to imagine what Sienna must be going through. I started thinking back to the day I could have become the father to the baby she now carried, the first time I made love to her in a hotel room on Oceania. Though it hadn’t been my first time, I remember being nervous. I knew what she’d gone through at the hands of Marc and knew how scared she was. I’d even felt her fear, at first, but then our love for each other took over, making it a magical afternoon. I wondered if it was magical enough to be my child, not Marc’s.
Apparently, Nicholas wondered the same thing. He asked Dr. Chandler, “Harold, do you know who the father of my daughter’s baby is?”


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In September 2011 Rebel Ink Press offered me a contract for my first published Novel, Victim of Circumstances A few weeks after the release, in March 2012, I started getting inquiries from friends and family (asking why they never knew I had so many books out) Including an e-mail from my dad asking WTF with a picture of Amazon Author (the other) Lori Gordon. I replied “Well Dad it has been a long time since you’ve seen me.” That’s when I discovered I wasn’t the first Lori Gordon to be published. Live and Learn. Too, late to do anything about the name I decided to add my middle initial from now on. I did check with Lori Gordon just in case she had the same idea and her middle initial just happened to be J. It’s not. Will the J be enough to separate us? Read on and be the Judge.

To start out 2014, with the other Lori Gordon’s permission, I’d like to tell you a funny story. (Sorry Aunt Pansy)

My Husband’s Aunt lives back East and she was so excited when she got an e-reader for Christmas. On the phone one day, she told my mother-in-law, her sister, that she was finally reading one of MY books. She told her that she was currently at the part where the dead guy was in the room. My mother-in-law, who assumed she was reading Jenny Hits the Jackpot, said to me, “I don’t remember a dead guy in Jenny Hits the Jackpot.” I said, “She’s probably referring to the part when Tyler first wakes up in an empty room to find out he’s dead.” After all she is 78 years old. Dead guy in a room. Made sense to me.

The next time My mother-in-law talked to her sister, she said she’d finished reading and really enjoyed the murder mystery. Well Since neither Jenny Hits the Jackpot nor Victim of Circumstances is a murder mystery and Black Night wasn’t released yet My mother-in-law was confused. When she questioned her sister further, she found out Aunt Pansy had just read a book by the other Lori Gordon.

So this got me wondering, how many people have actually confused the two Lori Gordon’s?
After discussing this with my wonderful Editor we decided to add my middle initial to my books from now on.
Of course I did check with Lori just in case she had the same idea and her middle initial happened to be J…it isn’t.