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In September 2011 Rebel Ink Press offered me a contract for my first published Novel, Victim of Circumstances A few weeks after the release, in March 2012, I started getting inquiries from friends and family (asking why they never knew I had so many books out) Including an e-mail from my dad asking WTF with a picture of Amazon Author (the other) Lori Gordon. I replied “Well Dad it has been a long time since you’ve seen me.” That’s when I discovered I wasn’t the first Lori Gordon to be published. Live and Learn. Too, late to do anything about the name I decided to add my middle initial from now on. I did check with Lori Gordon just in case she had the same idea and her middle initial just happened to be J. It’s not. Will the J be enough to separate us? Read on and be the Judge.

To start out 2014, with the other Lori Gordon’s permission, I’d like to tell you a funny story. (Sorry Aunt Pansy)

My Husband’s Aunt lives back East and she was so excited when she got an e-reader for Christmas. On the phone one day, she told my mother-in-law, her sister, that she was finally reading one of MY books. She told her that she was currently at the part where the dead guy was in the room. My mother-in-law, who assumed she was reading Jenny Hits the Jackpot, said to me, “I don’t remember a dead guy in Jenny Hits the Jackpot.” I said, “She’s probably referring to the part when Tyler first wakes up in an empty room to find out he’s dead.” After all she is 78 years old. Dead guy in a room. Made sense to me.

The next time My mother-in-law talked to her sister, she said she’d finished reading and really enjoyed the murder mystery. Well Since neither Jenny Hits the Jackpot nor Victim of Circumstances is a murder mystery and Black Night wasn’t released yet My mother-in-law was confused. When she questioned her sister further, she found out Aunt Pansy had just read a book by the other Lori Gordon.

So this got me wondering, how many people have actually confused the two Lori Gordon’s?
After discussing this with my wonderful Editor we decided to add my middle initial to my books from now on.
Of course I did check with Lori just in case she had the same idea and her middle initial happened to be J…it isn’t.


13 thoughts on “Join me, Lori J Gordon, on Facebook at the Rebel Ink Press Readers Fan Page

  1. No…both Lori Gordons are new-to-me authors. My name is Catherine Lee. It’s a fairly common name. I was a librarian in FL for a while where there was another Catherine Lee who was also a librarian. I tell people that was why I left FL. The state wasn’t big enough for the two of us. I always thought that it was like matter and anti-matter…if we both showed up at the same meeting or conference, the universe would be doomed. LOL

  2. Lori I think adding the J is a good idea. I had trouble finding your book and I’m your neighbor and know which Lori you are.

  3. yup, it’s tricky with writing names. i was tempted to go with nora robert to see if i could pick up some extra readers. my real name was taken so i used my mom’s middle name (snowdon) after first googling to make sure there were no serial killers with that name. i have two back up names for when i change genres, but i always use my real first name so i’ll respond if someone talks to me at a conference. i haven’t read any of your books yet, but they do sound fun.

    • Thanks for stopping by Nora. I probably should have researched better but I was just so darn excited to finally be accepted. Lori is my real first name and Gordon is my Married last name. I suppose I could change my name but I think that would just confuse things even more. 🙂

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