The Adventure Continues

The Adventure continues in Book 2 of the Lost Night Trilogy, Castle of Doom

BlurbThe murder of her grandson, followed by the defection of her granddaughter and great grandson has Tressina Night seeking Sienna’s baby as a replacement. It made no difference to her who fathered the child, either way it was her blood. Sienna owed her and when the time was right, Tressina planned collect.
When Sienna and her mother disappear, Johnny Black faces a new threat when he tracks them to a secret base on the planet Cyrock. In his attempt to free the women he and his companions learn the real reason behind the kidnapping. Tressina wants the baby.
The family’s elaborate rescue plan falls short, leaving a wounded Johnny and his sister to save Sienna and the baby from the evil clutches of Tressina Night.
Can Johnny survive another face off with Tressina? Or will Sienna end up a childless widow?
Find out, as the Lost Night adventure continues in Castle of Doom.

Book One, Black Night


Stop by and say Hello to Rebel Ink Author, Lila Munro


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Thank you so much for hosting me today and thank you readers for stopping by and spending a few realmantic moments with me and my latest release, Love Vindicated, Book One in the Steele Image series. It’s a pleasure to be here and if you have any questions please do leave them in the comments. I’ll be by a time or two today to check in and visit with you all.

Steele Image
In 1980, Kyle Montgomery’s life was seemingly perfect. Heavily recruited by Force Recon fresh from the Naval Academy, he’d been working black ops for the Marine Corps for six years and was on the cusp of being promoted to Major. He was on the fast track to bigger and better things, had all the right people vetting him, and he’d married the woman of his dreams and was exploring a lifestyle which could have ended his career. With the Iranian embassy under siege and the Middle East in turmoil, Kyle was sent on a mission which would change the course of his life forever.
Returning home after three months of being invisible, Kyle finds his wife has been murdered by the very people he’d been sent to protect. And instead of the government retaliating, they hand him his walking papers with the agreement they’ll never speak of the events again. It’s like Kyle never existed. His wife never existed. And the people who maimed and tortured her never existed.
Resigned to never again walk that path, Kyle opens the first Steele Image club with the thought of providing a safe haven for others like him, those who were invisible to the public and most of the government. Those who had eclectic sexual tastes. Those who would later become his allies. And his enemies. And both will drive him back to the place he’d thought he’d let go of forever to vindicate his love…
Please enjoy an excerpt:
“Are you sure you want to play with me, little one?” Kyle asked with his brow furrowed. The woman who wasn’t an inch over five feet tall by his estimation and sported one of the new trendy bi-lateral haircuts with a pink streak running through the shaved side was visibly shaking as she stood in front of him naked as the day she was born. “Fear is usually a good thing, but you’re truly scared of me aren’t you?”
“I’m not afraid, Sir,” Missy insisted, her chin jutting out and her spine becoming a bit straighter, although the flutter in her chest was evident as her breasts jiggled with each heave for breath. “I’m…excited.”
“Bullshit.” Circling her, Kyle ran his fingertips along her shoulders, down one arm, up the other, across her breast bone, and landed at the base of her throat where he wrapped his palm around it and squeezed. “You lie. And what’s the club rule about lying?”
“It won’t be tolerated, Sir. And those caught doing it will be punished.” Her voice wavered and her bright green pupils blew up just before her gaze wandered from his. “But I’m not lying. I’m not afraid of you and I am excited.”
“Tell me this.” He reached down with his free hand to twist one of her nipples and watched her jaw lock. “What do you expect from this little liaison between us?”
It wasn’t uncommon for Kyle to be approached by a half-dozen masochistic subs a week for servicing. Men, women, gay, straight, bi, confused, it didn’t matter they all seemed to migrate to him at some point which suited him. Genders, sexuality, and preferences meant nothing to him since sex wasn’t even an option when playing with them. If he needed serviced, he had no less than a dozen call girls literally on call to get him off and be gone before the sun kissed the horizon. They expected nothing but to be paid and Kyle obliged and well.
Over the course of the last year, he’d earned quite a reputation as a service sadist. He’d developed an unwavering ability to deliver and walk away without string one hanging between him and his playmate. No strings meant no intimate connections. No intimate connections meant none of them were in danger from association with him. Endangering anyone else due to his line of work was the last thing he intended to do. He didn’t need intimate connections to play and made it clear from the start of negotiations his partner shouldn’t expect them either. If they wanted more than an endorphin release, they weren’t a good match in his eyes and he either turned them down or negotiated a third be involved. All Kyle sought was an outlet by which to channel the pent up emotions he refused to allow anyone to see. He had no room for exterior feeling and expelling any notion of it by helping someone else achieve their own release made for an acceptable medium. At least that’s what he kept telling himself every time he looked in the mirror and a virtual stranger looked back.
Missy was fairly new to the club and had been introduced to Kyle and courted for membership by Wesley, the front of house security guard who’d been with him since the doors opened at Steele Image. While he’d had a few lengthy conversations with her and believed he knew enough about her to play with her, he wasn’t thoroughly convinced she was a true masochist and even thought she might be the latest in the long line of subs who foolishly believed they could tame him.
“Answer me, little one,” Kyle he said softly. “What do you expect from this?”
“Lots of pain,” she breathed over a groan and a smile as Kyle increased the pressure with which he pinched her nipple.

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Lila Munro currently resides on the coast of North Carolina with her husband and their two four-legged kids. She’s a military wife with an empty nest and takes much of her inspiration for her heroes from the marines she’s lived around for the past fifteen years. Coining the term realmantica, she strives to produce quality romance in a realistic setting. Her genre of choice is contemporary romance that spans everything from the sensual softer read to BDSM and ménage. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on, trips to the museum and aquarium, taking field research trips, and soaking up the sun on the nearby beaches. Her works include The Executive Officer’s Wife, Bound By Trust, Three for Keeps, the Force Recon series, the Slower Lower series, the Identity series, and the Private Collection. Currently she is working on two new series set to release summer of 2013, the At Your Service line and the Steele Image line. She’s a member in good standing of RWA. Ms. Munro loves to hear from her readers and can be found at Realmantic Moments Facebook Goodreads Twitter You can also contact her via email at and you can find all her works at: Amazon ARe Nook Bookstrand

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The Adventure continues in Castle of Doom Coming June 17th from Rebel Ink Press

I’d like to thank My Editors and all the staff at Rebel Ink Press for making my dreams come true!

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Available June 17th

It was about an hour before Sienna finally slept soundly enough for me to get up. Gently moving her off me, I poked her a few times to make sure she wouldn’t wake up easily. Unlike me, it didn’t take a lot to wake Sienna.
I carefully got up and found a clean shirt. Lucky for me, I’d put my pajama bottoms on when Shari’d gotten me up.
Taking one last look at Sienna, I went out through the bathroom. When I arrived at Shari’s room, she was sitting at the corner desk. “Sienna couldn’t get back to sleep,” I said looking into her teary eyes.
“I’ve tried, several more times, to reach Max. No luck.”
“Don’t try anymore,” I warned. “In case someone else has the remote.”
“It’s coded.”
“Still, we can’t take any chances.” I watched her for a second. “We need to go to Hannah. She’s the only one who can get a message off to Nicholas.” I thought for a second. “Though I’m a little surprised he and Chandra haven’t heard anything. We need to see Hannah.” I decided.
Shari grabbed my arm. “No. We mustn’t tell anyone.”
“Shari, perhaps Hannah’s already heard something from Nicholas…”
“We can’t risk it.”
“Johnny, we have to go.”
“Go? Go where?” I asked, feeling the knot tighten in my stomach. Was she actually suggesting we go to Cyrock without telling anyone? I gasped. “Shari, no. That’s the last thing the two of us should do.”
“We have to save them…Max and your daughter. It’s up to us to get them out.”
I glared at her. “First, we’re not sure they need saving and second, what makes you think we can save them?”
Shari looked at me with a fire in her eyes I’d never seen before.
“Johnny, we can. We have to.”
Taken back a bit by her strength I thought Max had done wonders for her self-confidence. She turned her back to me. “I didn’t have to come to you. I could’ve just stolen a ship and headed for Cyrock alone.”
I turned her around. “You’re starting to scare me. Why are you so afraid of anyone else finding out? We’re a family now. You’re a part of it now and in this family we trust each other.”
“You know, if we tell them, they won’t let us go. Sienna’d never stay here and if we all showed up in the Lightning Bolt they’d see us coming.” She shook her head rapidly. “I don’t think it would faze Tressina for one second if something should suddenly happen to your baby. Max means even less to her.”
She was frustrating me. “Shari, you haven’t given me any proof that my daughter or Max needs us to go running off to Cyrock. At least let me talk to Hannah and see what I can learn.”
Shari sighed loudly. “Do what you must, Johnny. But so will I.”

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