The Adventure continues in Castle of Doom Coming June 17th from Rebel Ink Press

I’d like to thank My Editors and all the staff at Rebel Ink Press for making my dreams come true!

CastleDoom_Cover (1)
Available June 17th

It was about an hour before Sienna finally slept soundly enough for me to get up. Gently moving her off me, I poked her a few times to make sure she wouldn’t wake up easily. Unlike me, it didn’t take a lot to wake Sienna.
I carefully got up and found a clean shirt. Lucky for me, I’d put my pajama bottoms on when Shari’d gotten me up.
Taking one last look at Sienna, I went out through the bathroom. When I arrived at Shari’s room, she was sitting at the corner desk. “Sienna couldn’t get back to sleep,” I said looking into her teary eyes.
“I’ve tried, several more times, to reach Max. No luck.”
“Don’t try anymore,” I warned. “In case someone else has the remote.”
“It’s coded.”
“Still, we can’t take any chances.” I watched her for a second. “We need to go to Hannah. She’s the only one who can get a message off to Nicholas.” I thought for a second. “Though I’m a little surprised he and Chandra haven’t heard anything. We need to see Hannah.” I decided.
Shari grabbed my arm. “No. We mustn’t tell anyone.”
“Shari, perhaps Hannah’s already heard something from Nicholas…”
“We can’t risk it.”
“Johnny, we have to go.”
“Go? Go where?” I asked, feeling the knot tighten in my stomach. Was she actually suggesting we go to Cyrock without telling anyone? I gasped. “Shari, no. That’s the last thing the two of us should do.”
“We have to save them…Max and your daughter. It’s up to us to get them out.”
I glared at her. “First, we’re not sure they need saving and second, what makes you think we can save them?”
Shari looked at me with a fire in her eyes I’d never seen before.
“Johnny, we can. We have to.”
Taken back a bit by her strength I thought Max had done wonders for her self-confidence. She turned her back to me. “I didn’t have to come to you. I could’ve just stolen a ship and headed for Cyrock alone.”
I turned her around. “You’re starting to scare me. Why are you so afraid of anyone else finding out? We’re a family now. You’re a part of it now and in this family we trust each other.”
“You know, if we tell them, they won’t let us go. Sienna’d never stay here and if we all showed up in the Lightning Bolt they’d see us coming.” She shook her head rapidly. “I don’t think it would faze Tressina for one second if something should suddenly happen to your baby. Max means even less to her.”
She was frustrating me. “Shari, you haven’t given me any proof that my daughter or Max needs us to go running off to Cyrock. At least let me talk to Hannah and see what I can learn.”
Shari sighed loudly. “Do what you must, Johnny. But so will I.”

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