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Book Spotlight: BROCK’S BUNNY by Jane Wakely

Title: Brock’s Bunny
Genre: Paranormal/Shifter Romance
Author: Jane Wakely

Vegetarian Hollie Dawson owns the only health food store in Chestnut Rock. She’s also a rabbit shifter, but unlike the gray and black jackrabbits that can camouflage themselves easily, Hollie is a pure white bunny. As a shifter, her ultimate dream is to meet the man destined to fill the lonely space in her heart.

Brock Smith owns the most popular steak house in town. When the woman with the platinum hair and violet eyes questions his menu, he’s caught off guard and makes a bad first impression. Unable to explain why their meeting bothers him so much, he’s driven to find her and change all that.

Brock and Hollie acknowledge their intense desire to be together and make future plans, but Hollie hasn’t shared her secret yet. When Brock finds out about her bunny by accident, will his reaction destroy their newfound happiness?

Brock always walked the dining room, gauging customer’s reactions to the atmosphere and food. Sometimes he would clear dishes or talk to patrons, asking about their visit.

A raised voice brought his attention to a booth in the middle of the room and he walked over to check on the couple.

At the sound if his greeting, the man looked up and smiled. His grin reminded Brock of a hyena and he wondered what the man would try and take from him.

“Everything is great, Mr. Smith, just great. You’ve done great for yourself, this is my favorite place to eat.”

“Thank you,” Brock turned from him to the woman. “Can I get you anything while you wait for your dinner?”

Their eyes met and time seemed to stop. Violet eyes stared back at him from a petite face surrounded by platinum blond hair. Not many could pull off the look, and though he was sure her hair and eye color were fake, he wanted them to be real. Her beauty was unmatched in the crowded room and he wanted to scoop her up and hide her away for protection.

“No, thank you, but why don’t you have any vegetarian dishes on your menu?”

“Vegetarian dishes?”

“Don’t mind her, Mr. Smith, she’s one of those health nuts.” Her date glared at her and through tight lips, said, “Shut-up, Hollie.”

Why was she with this piece of slime? Brock’s anger grew and he laughed.

“This is a steakhouse.” One look in her direction and he knew it was the wrong thing to say.

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Author Suzzana C Ryan

Today I’d like to introduce Suzzana C Ryan.
Suzzana and I became long distance friends (As long distance as you can get. She’s on the East Coast, I’m on the West.) a year ago when we were accepted into the Rebel Ink Press Elite group. We’ve gotten to know each other through e-mail and Facebook chats and am proud to call this caring and talented Lady my friend.

ChainsLAD_Cover (2)

Chains of Lust After Dark
It’s eighteen-eighty-eight London and a young woman is searching for her runaway sister who left to become an actress. In the midst of it all, a serial killer coined Jack the Ripper is murdering whores in the Whitechapel district. Vanessa finds herself in Soho and on Broad Street, the heart of the notorious Red Light District of London.

She’d hit yet another dead end in her quest. Tired and hungry, she’s chased down an alley and her encounter is frightening when she realizes her life hangs by a slender thread.

Out of the mist and debris emerges a man whom she’s convinced will end her days on earth. This dark, ominous yet handsome stranger takes her body and teaches her the joys of pain and pleasure. She becomes his addiction and he takes her soul then the blood that runs through her veins. He’s Nosferatu, a vampire ages old and he’s found his mate and the love of a lifetime. His name is Knight.

This immortal creature has had his cold blackheart cracked, allowing him to love the gorgeous human. Together they’ll search the streets for her sister and encounter the evil, killing young prostitutes. Even Knight can’t stop him.

Their search will end with a love so profound yet doomed because of her humanity.

Vanessa must decide life or death. Will the truth of her love free her soul or damn it for all eternity?

Also from Suzzana C Ryan
AurorasGhost_Cover (169x250)DarkDesire_Cover2 (352x521)

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