Meet Author Alex Shippe, Author of beautiful imposter


*Beautiful Imposter is an adult contemporary short story with mature language and scenes.
Blurb for Beautiful Imposter

Hardworking, devoted wife Jessica races home from her hectic corporate schedule to spend an unexpected take-five the boss gave her with none other than her loving husband Byron. But the gut-wrenching scene she finds on the bedroom floor knocks the wind out of her. Betrayed, angry, wounded, it’s all she can do not to drag Byron to the nearest lawyer and demand divorce. As the evening unfolds Jessica opens her heart to the man she thought she once knew, and takes a chance on love. Can they work through his infidelity? And if so, what will it take for her to forgive him? Time, it is said, can heal all wounds. Can it really . . . heal all wounds?

About Alex,
I’m a husband and father of three. My wife of 10 years has gone back to school while I’m at home trying to be . . . loads superhero theme music, stands akimbo, head turned—wait for it—Domestic Dad. By day I’m juggling kids, cooking, cleaning, errands, breathing, hitting the weights and general merriment while my wife is juggling school and her internship. By night, after I hang up the cape and cowl, I leap into a world of fantasies and heroes. I write supernatural, paranormal, adult contemporary and erotica. Needless to say, my life isn’t boring. It’s crazy. Now, if I could finish every story idea in my head that would be the ticket.

I enjoy traveling. Seeing new sights and sites. Eating new foods. Sometimes torturing myself with something that’s so heinous that I might regret it later, especially if there’s a record of it on someone’s cell phone. I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, from Kahlil Gibran to Hemingway to Tolkien to Gibson. I can handle just about any song. And on the not so rare occasion I’ll add it to my constantly growing music library.
I’ve been a graphic artist, art director, newspaper designer, and in the near future I’ll be starting a new career as a therapist. School first!
And, I’m well hung. No, you filthy head. I have reproductions all over the house. I like art and cultural artifacts. Monet. Renoir. Remington. Behrens. Kumeyaay. Italian.

Why does Alex Write you ask?
Before embarking on this adventure of writing adult contemporary, supernatural, and erotic romance I was a full-time graphic artist and newspaper designer. When those jobs went south, I took some time off to regroup. I spent a few months doing the odd job every now and then and took on some contract work but found the hustle pointless, and more like hobby work rather than a steady paycheck. One day I turned to my wife and said, “You know, I want to give erotic romance a try.” She was skeptical when I brought it up. Writing erotic romance is not like writing fantasy or science fiction, which I like to write. But sexuality and sex has always been her biggest criticism of fantasy and sci-fi. Ultimately, she said go for it. She knows me. When I put my mind to it, I’ll do it. She’s been my number one supporter throughout this whole journey. My teenager likes to crack jokes whenever she can, which needless to say is quite often.

If you’ve ever been by our place you know that I really enjoy cooking. I wasn’t always this interested. Before, I couldn’t do much except throw stuff into the microwave and hope it cooked at the right temperature. But necessity is the mother of invention, right? My wife went back to school and I donned the apron. Eventually, we started inviting friends over. Some of my meals were a big hit. We kept getting requests for repeats, which I’m happy to do. I’ll cook for friends any day.

Within our house we’re a family of five so you can imagine how difficult it can be trying to please everyone’s taste buds and appetites. My oldest is a vegetarian, so making sure there’s a no-meat option is critical. Most of the time I can keep everyone happy, but when one of my kids gets a hankering … Oh, lord it’s trouble. Not me, though. I’m easy. I’ll eat just about anything.

One of the questions I get asked is: From where do I draw inspiration? Most, if not all, of my story ideas come from conversations I have with my wife or friends, and some of those started out as threads with authors and readers I’ve met on social networking sites. It’s rare for me, in this genre, to start with an idea. I like to know what people think and feel about what makes a relationship work or what fails it, from a woman’s perspective as much as the guy’s perspective. I want to know what about the situation makes them laugh, urges them to knock some sense into a person, what is arousing, what is off limits, and then ultimately what makes it into the bedroom. Every person’s sexual wants and needs are different, just as much as sexual experiences are different. In this regard quantity does not imply quality. Reaching a fully satisfying orgasm may or may not be dependent on the prowess of the other lover. If you’re horny enough, a quick rub can get the body burning. Still, aren’t we all looking for that perfect mate who understands our wants as if that lover possessed an uncanny telepathic ability to interpret every little twitch or moan we make? I like to write about those moments, those truly open connections. That’s where the filters fall and we learn who we really are and what we really want when we decide to invite someone into our most intimate spaces.

One of the biggest and most rewarding challenges I face as an author is achieving honesty while allowing myself to be vulnerable without sacrificing willpower. To that end, I write about characters that challenge me. I write stories that challenge me. I write because I am a student of life, and to learn about life it must be confronted on the page, where it’s safe to be vulnerable. I write because I am still learning who I am.

That takes listening.

I can’t create fictional characters without understanding why these characters are important . . . why they would be important to anyone. Though these characters are fictional, the situations and conflicts they face can be real to someone who may be going through a similar life experience. My hope is that these characters are useful. No one is perfect. Everyone make mistakes. Fiction is an interesting mind space. It’s private. It’s often quiet. We invite these characters into our emotions and either learn from them or reject them. Either way, we learn something. We learn about our humanity, our human nature, and we explore at our own pace. Life is too important to rush it.

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Where to find Alex
I’m on Facebook as often as my schedule allows.
I’m on Facebook as often as my schedule allows.
Like my official author page for updates and upcoming projects.
Send me a Friend request to just hang out.

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  1. Thanks Lori, I had a great time! I managed to beat my own time scheduled to get this to you too! LOL 🙂 A little pat on the back there. It’s not always easy to get things done with kids running around the house, screaming and shouting, and waving their Power Rangers swords at me!

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