The Lost Night Trilogy

In honor of the Last Chapter in the Lost Night Trilogy, I would like to give one Lucky Reader the chance to prepare for Legend of the Night.
Here’s your chance to win an e-book copy of book 1, Black Night and book 2, Castle of Doom (Amazon Edition) in this Romantic Adventure.
To enter all you’ve got to do is leave me a comment below and you’ll be entered in the drawing to be held October 5th
But that’s not the end….I’ll also include an Amazon giftcard in the amount of $5.99 So you can complete the Trilogy when Legend of the Night is released.
**** Black Night
Format:Kindle Edition
In the past I’ve tended to shy away from sci-fi or futuristic romance as I have a difficult time submersing myself in them long enough to enjoy the story let alone finish it. Lori Gordon does a terrific job of leading the reader through a world which very closely mirrors our own yet she gives enough details without being over the top you know her characters are from a someplace or some time quite different from our own. The story line is suspenseful, yet she delivers resolve at just the right moment. Looking forward to the next installment of this series.

Castle of Doom

***** By mom’s the word

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Castle of Doom,

The 2nd book in The Lost Night Trilogy, takes us on another adventure of Thrill seeking, Breath Taking Escapes, Space Dashes, and Wondrous Escapades in the dark recesses of space, as Johnny Black, and Sienna James deal with several conflicts and with Tressina Night! This book kept me thinking, envisioning the fabulous places, planets, and dynamic relationships of all of the characters. Author Lori J. Gordon, creates with such detail an amazing tale, that kept me reading until the book was done. All to quickly I might add! I’m Awaiting the next book, which I hope comes out soon! A great departure in style from her previous two Great Books: Victims of Circumstance and Jenny Hits the Jackpot. All her books are worth the full price!

Book Three in the Lost Night Trilogy
Legend of the Night
Agreeing to accompany one of the galaxies wealthiest bachelor’s on a trip to test his latest invention, a ship that shot lightning bolts on demand, renowned pilot Hannah Ray discovers lightning isn’t the only thing sparking between them.
When he asked her to join him, Nicholas James never expected his weekend outing would land him in the middle of a war zone with the woman he intended to marry. His plans of seduction ruined, Nicholas sees no choice but to join in the search for survivors.
News that Nicholas has been captured by his arch-enemy has Hannah flying to the rescue. Will she be in time to save the man she loves, or will Nicholas be tortured to death by Tressina Night? Find out in the final chapter of The Lost Night Trilogy, Legend of the Night

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