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Revelations from Past-medium

Revelations From the Past is a story of a secondary character from Victim of Circumstances My very first published e-book. You don’t need to read it to understand Revelations From The Past because it has it’s own story but just in case you’d like to, here’s what reviewers had to say about Victim of Circumstances.

By KatD Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

I loved this book. The excitement starts on the first page and holds to the very end. You will feel like you know the characters, some you will love, others not so much. The twists and turns of excitement and emotions will keep you interested. This book is a good read and I highly recommend it.

Format:Kindle Edition
Victims of Circumstance is a feel good read. It starts with a bang and you are left wondering ‘who done it.’ There is just enough intrigue to keep the pages turning. If you like mystery, thrillers or romance this book is for you. You will find yourself rooting for the main character. The only complaint I have is her man comes with money and a plane, mine only comes with a hammer and pouch, but a girl can dream! I love a happy ending and this book has it in spades. I look forward to reading more from this author.

By Avid Reader Format:Kindle Edition
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was surprised at the turn of events and just when I thought I knew what was happening Bam…Lori has a way of making you feel for the good-guys and hate the bad. If you want to cry and cheer at the same time I recommend Victims of Circumstance


Meet My Fellow Rebel, Author Joanne C. Berroa

I’d like to Congratulate my friend and Rebel Author, Joanne C. Berroa on the Release of She-Wolf and The Priest.

SheWolf cover revised

Blurb for The She-Wolf and The Priest:
Angelora is a breathtakingly beautiful shape shifter who takes the form of a wolf. She also possesses a supernatural ability to raise the dead. She’s the last remaining member of a unique gypsy tribe in Romania in 1880 where only the women of the sect retained these extraordinary gifts, handed down from generation to generation.
Father Steven is an incredibly sexy Catholic priest with a haunting past. He lives a simple, holy life attending to the needs of Saint Isidore’s parish and draws comfort from the knowledge his past sins have been forgiven, until one fateful night his and Angelora’s paths cross.
Will Father Steven ignore his sacred vow of celibacy to woo the beautiful, sultry gypsy who imprints on his life? And will her “powers” unite them or destroy them?

The She-Wolf and The Priest
Father Steven rested for a moment on the cold marble altar steps, his eyes on the huge crucifix hanging from the wall behind the altar. Each day he’d look up at the corpus depicted on the cross while he offered Mass, a feeling of wonderment shaking his very being. Now his gaze turned to the broad marble altar and the seemingly endless row of padded railing where communicants would kneel to receive the holy host in the sacrament of the Eucharist. Its vastness had once intimidated him and even now there were days when he marveled that he was in charge of this massive structure and those who came to worship within its ancient walls.
He was about to leave when an explosive rumble of thunder shook the church and jagged lightning briefly illuminated the arched walls. Steven liked storms. There was an energy which came from nature’s fury, a feeling of power and elation. He smiled to himself just as another round of thunder split the heavens. Feeling something odd and not attributable to the storm, Steven quickly turned toward the rear of the church. There, in the semi-darkness, sat a stunning lady. He blinked. Even in the subdued light, he could make out her breathtaking features, the almost glowing quality of hair so light in color it was ethereal. Blue eyes, the hue of robins’ eggs, found his and their resulting stare resonated with its own emotional lightning. For a moment he forgot who and where he was, entranced in her almost magical presence. Then the reality of it brought him back to his senses and he cleared his throat. Taking a few steps down the center aisle, his lips creased into a smile as he approached the end of her pew.

Joanne C. Berroa – BIO.
I’ve been writing all my life and that’s a few years. Back in 1983, Dell published my novel, “The Barbary Coasters.” It was set during the 1860’s in the Barbary Coast of San Francisco and was part of a series of books written by different authors called, “The Making of America.” My pseudonym was Lee Davis Willoughby.
I’ve written articles for several computer magazines over the last thirty years doing software and hardware reviews and ads. I was also a photographer for cover art for two magazines back in the 80’s, and currently write profiles for businesses and professionals for Micromedia Publications, a local newspaper publisher.
When I’m not reading or writing, I teach piano and organ in my beach community in southern New Jersey. My website is: I love to receive feedback!



Coming in April From Rebel Ink Press

Revelations from Past-medium

Unedited Blurb:
Attending her best friend’s wedding, the last thing on Lisa Rose’s mind is falling in love. Surviving a gunshot wound, inflicted by her late husband, stole her faith in men. So why can’t she ignore the best man’s attempts to charm her? Unable to fight the chemistry between them Lisa invites him to her hotel room. With the sheets still warm, she learns Colby is an undercover detective. Her worst nightmare. A man with a gun.
Hoping to understand her attitude toward cops, the subject that suddenly changed her mood, Colby does a quick search and learns of the tragic night Lisa narrowly escaped death at the hands of her husband.
Digging further, he uncovers a web of deceit when one of the crime scene photos doesn’t support the cases theory. Colby is torn between the cop, who needs to solve a murder, and the man who understands pursuing this would upset the woman he loves. The cop wins, putting Lisa in jeopardy when the real murderer is revealed.
Revenge, greed and betrayal lead to Lisa’s kidnapping leaving her no choice but to trust Colby with her life, and eventually her heart.

Unedited Excerpt

Rushing down the ramp, Lisa returned the flight attendant’s harried greeting and headed to the back of the plane to take her assigned seat, 20-F. At row twenty she checked the number again. She had the right number. Someone sat in the wrong seat. “Excuse me?” Lisa growled impatiently to the back of the head staring out the window. “You’re in my seat.”
He turned. Their eyes met and Lisa froze. Yowza. Finding herself locked in a stare with a pair of hypnotic green eyes, Lisa couldn’t speak.
He could. “No.” He calmly pulled a boarding pass from the pocket of a well-worn flannel shirt. “I’m not.” He tapped the number on his paper, gestured to the number above the window. “20-F is my seat.”
Lisa’s head spun as the air between them sizzled with a sensual awareness so powerful she blinked to break the potent contact. “Th…then there’s been a mistake,” she stuttered. “I have 20-F.” She shoved the paper in his direction, hitting the passenger in the middle seat. “See? It says so. Right here.”
The man with the emerald eyes shrugged. “I got here first.”
She wanted to wipe the smart-ass grin from his tan face so badly, but before she could respond the flight attendant cleared her throat. “Is there a problem here?”
Handing her ticket to the attendant, Lisa complained, “He’s in my seat.”
The attendant’s brows narrowed. “I’m sorry, miss. I’m afraid this flight’s been overbooked. Since you failed to check in thirty-minutes prior to take off, and this gentleman was here first, I’m afraid you’ll have to take another flight.”
Lisa looked over at the gentleman in her seat. It’d have been a lot easier to beg if he was old, or going bald. Why’d her seat thief have to look so good? And why was she standing in the aisle of an airplane drooling over a stranger? Especially a stranger with hair longer than her own. She preferred clean cut men, but something about this man with shoulder-length locks grabbed her attention.
Turning back to him, Lisa tried to sound sincere in her lie. “Please, I’m supposed to be in New York for work. I could get fired if I miss this flight. Couldn’t you take another one?”
“What makes you so sure my business in New York’s not as important as yours?” He shook his head. “If you’d gotten here first I’d be the one leaving. Lucky for me, you waited til the last second.” Dismissing her with a wave of his hand, he added, “Run along, doll. You’re holding up the plane.”
“Doll?” Lisa snarled. “Why you arrogant jerk. I hope…”
The flight attendant’s not so gentle grip on her shoulder stopped her. “Please, miss. We really do need to take off. I apologize for your inconvenience, but you must go now.” The attendant tugged at her bag.
Lisa tugged back. “There’s just got to be an empty seat. I’ll take yours. You stand most of the time anyway.”
“Get the airlines approval and I’ll be glad to let you ride on my lap.” The thief winked.