Meet Rebel Author, Michelle Lowhorn

Today I’m honored to introduce my Fellow Rebel, Author of Lessons, Book Two in the Teachers Series Michelle Lowhorn 🙂

Lesson's Book Two-Med (1)
At first glance, Daisy Blue seems to be a timid flower child stuck in decades past. Dive below the surface to find that this kindergarten teacher has the determination to stand strong against her opponents for her beliefs.
Detective Dane Thompson of the Fort Worth Police Department is the ultimate ladies’ man who hasn’t met a woman worth keeping.
When Daisy finds a dead body floating in the pond on her small farm, Dane is the detective assigned to the case. From the instant these two meet, the sparks fly. Will the adversaries be able to work together to find the killer and will Dane finally meet a woman worth opening his heart?

Dane was almost finished with the chores by the time Daisy made it out to the barn. He was relieved to see she’d donned something closer to her usual clothing choice; faded blue jeans and a pale blue shirt. His eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to a slice in the back of her pants resting just slightly below her right buttocks cheek. If she bent over or moved fractionally to the left, he’d be able to glimpse her well rounded, perfectly shaped bottom. Following the fourth time he caught himself looking, Dane decided he was losing his mind. When had he sunk so low that he held his breath hoping to sneak a peek of a woman’s butt?
There was no way he’d even consider sleeping with Daisy. It was painfully obvious she didn’t have much experience with men. She wasn’t the type who could spend one night with a man. She’d expect a relationship to form. Besides, she deserved to be pampered and loved. And that was one thing Dane Thompson couldn’t do.
Reaching out to take her hand, Dane pulled Daisy toward the ATV. “Come on. Everything’s done. Let’s ride out to the pond and make sure no one has left any more surprises.” He released her hand so he could climb on and start the machine. Before she realized his intention, he wrapped his hands around her waist, lifted, and deposited her down on his lap. He gave the machine some gas and off they went.
For some reason, Daisy Blue always smelled so amazing. He didn’t think it was a perfume he smelled. It was her normal body scent. It reminded him of fresh baby powder, not that he had much experience with babies, but it’s how he imagined a baby to smell.
She’d pulled her hair up into a high ponytail that left her thin neck bare. And with the way she was seated on his lap, her delicate neck was mere inches from his mouth. He wondered if the skin at the base of her hairline was sensitive. Would she squirm if he placed angel kisses along the edge?
While he was daydreaming, the thin cut in the back of her jeans popped into his head. It wouldn’t take any effort at all to release the handlebar and follow the outline of her bottom until he reached the slit. His fingers would slip right inside…. Holy shit! Where had that come from? He seriously needed to get away from this woman and fast. So she wouldn’t realize where his thoughts were, he shifted her forward so she wouldn’t feel his arousal.

I’ve always said that I’ve got the two best jobs in the world, mother and teacher. Now I can add a third, romance author. My husband, Randy, and I live in Texas with our two kids, Jessie & Nate. When I’m not teaching or writing, you can bet I’ve got my nose in a book. I’ve got a serious addiction to reading all genres of romance novels. Becoming an author is a dream come true.


One thought on “Meet Rebel Author, Michelle Lowhorn

  1. great excerpt! I like a hero who really thinks like a man–wants sex, then sandwiches, and hold all the relationship crap. (well, maybe that’s only how I assume a man thinks…) well done!

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