Meet Rebel Author, Lorelie Rozzano

I’d like to introduce my fellow Rebel Author, Lorelie Rozzano

Lorelie Rozzano is a recovering addict. She is also a mother, wife, grandmother, foster parent, author, small business owner, sister, aunt, daughter and friend.
For Rozzano, a phone call to her parents when she had reached her lowest point, out of work, money and friends due to her addictions, turned things around and brought her to treatment. She has now been living clean and sober for 16 years.
And it is this success and desire to share her knowledge and the possibility of help to others that led to the creation of her first book Jagged Little Edges, and then her second, Jagged Little Lies, for she has now found what she needed to soften those edges that were destroying her life.
“The relief I had in becoming well was actually what I had been looking for in drugs and alcohol,” Rozzano explains. It was in treatment that she discovered her strong inner core and learned how to examine her life and behaviors in a brutally honest fashion and to get people thinking and talking about addiction and examining the role it plays in their lives.
“My greatest love was addiction,” she recalls. “It was no longer people or life.”
But once she was ready to face the terror that treatment seemed to hold, her life turned around as does that of her heroine Lyndsey. She found her happily ever after. It had been there all along. She’d just never been taught where to look for it.
And perhaps for someone reading the bleak, painful truths in the Jagged series, Jagged Little Edges, Jagged Little Lies, or on her blog, there will come a moment of clarity and self-awareness that can help that person also get ready to change. “After all, Rozzano states, if I can change, anyone can.”

Blurb:Jagged Little Edges. That’s how it had felt for her as long as she could remember. Like cuts, coming first in words as they tore little pieces of her innocence, trust and self worth, evolving into the physical form with a smack to the head, a cuff to the ear and at times, welts and bruises on her back side. By far the greatest damage of all was what couldn’t be seen. A soul torn asunder, left with an open wound, a vast emptiness and a hunger that screamed to be fed. Lyndsey wanted nothing more than to be on her own. Problem was that’s what she’d been doing her entire life. She didn’t trust others and always held a piece of herself back. Lyndsey knew something was missing and she was determined to find it. Not comfortable in her own skin and trying to fill the vast emptiness, she stood on the edge. Needing to belong to somebody, Lyndsey discovers love, the kind of love that’s sick and leaves her needing more. She’ll do anything for him and does. Lyndsey learns that love hurts, but still, she searches for her happy ending. Not able to find what she’s looking for in people, places or things, Lyndsey descends into spiral of hopelessness. This story follows a ten year journey on the need for love and leads readers through the depths of despair and addiction. It will move and inspire. It will leave readers on the edge of their seat wanting more…
What Reader’s are saying:

Lorelie this first book of yours was so amazingly good. I couldn’t put it down. Every morning once my eyes opened all I could think was read. If I didn’t have to work i would have finished it sooner but I finished it. I could relate to all the characters in a way but especially lyndsey. I hope others in recovery have the opportunity to read your books as this one has helped me. There were parts that I went ahha to and a light bulb in my own head went off and I know your book could help others. I can’t wait to read your second book. This one your first is definatly without a doubt five stars. You’re an amazing author! Please keep writing because I will keep reading for sure!!

I am not an avid reader but found this book hard to put down. The author writes in such a way that you feel connected to the girl in the story and it leaves you wanting more. You feel like you are going on the journey with her. I can only hope there is more to come. A truly awesome read.

Blurb:Susan’s life was beyond broken, it was over. There was nothing left but a hollowed out empty spot she used to call her family. Dick, her husband, left and her beloved son Declan was in jail. All she’d ever wanted was to have a happy family. What happened? Where did she go wrong? Her days were spent consumed in misery, wondering. Restless in spirit, bitter and resentful, the ache became unbearable. Her only relief came in the form of a tiny little tablet. Miranda met the love of her life. Declan. He was gorgeous, sweet, and charming. His smile lit up the room and stole her heart. He was the best thing to ever happen to her. Trouble was – he was also the worst. Without him she was halved, with him, she might end up in jail. On the verge of bankruptcy and being fired, Miranda wonders if she’ll ever be able to tell the truth again. Declan stared up at the ceiling thinking. He needed more dope and soon. The prison bars he was trapped behind closed with a final clang. The sound reverberated through his jaw and down his back. It echoed down the miles of endless hallways. His bowels quivered and nausea churned. Yup, he was going to need something fast. He counted the hours trying to calculate how long before he’d be writhing on the floor. Six, at the most, but he could already feel it begin. Lyndsey, who never believed in fairy tales, pinched herself. She couldn’t have dreamed this big. Her life in recovery was more than one she’d ever dared to hope for. When you’ve been on the verge of death, and live to tell about it, life could be so very sweet. No longer hopeless or living in despair, Lyndsey makes it her life’s purpose to help others. But will they listen to her?

What Readers are saying:

Uh Oh, I’m addicted to author Lorelie Rozzano!
Jagged Little Lies kept me up late turning page after page wondering what would happen next. It is well written and the characters are real. The way Ms Rozzano weaves her characters together is amazing as she pulls you right in with them. All I can say is there better be a sequel. 🙂

I loved this book! I loved how Lyndsey was incorporated into this second book and how she shares what she has learned. I liked the family spin in this book because there are so many families out there that do not understand addiction! We all become “sick” from some where and so many people are oblivious it starts in their homes.
I liked how there were different characters however they all were going through the same thing…in the end. Great book Lorelie! Keep them coming…….

And there is so much more to be said on Amazon

I have read both these books, and highly recommend them.
Thank you for sharing with us today Lorelie. I look forward to your next book 🙂


5 thoughts on “Meet Rebel Author, Lorelie Rozzano

  1. Thank you for hosting me today Lori. Although addiction effects almost every family today, most people are too uncomfortable to talk about it. I really appreciate your willingness to have this conversation. Silence enables addiction. Let’s talk!

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