Meet Ryan Rose, My latest Hero who demanded his own story!

In Revelations From the Past we are introduced to Ryan, the heroin’s brother. He has a small part in the book but kept demanding his own story. Well his story is finished and submitted to my Editor 🙂
Thought you might like an unedited preview.

Watching the black F-350 pull up behind her battered Toyota, Emily frowned. Of course the owner of a construction company would drive a big truck. But his looked like it just drove out of the show room, not a construction site.
She watched him get out and her stomach jittered. He really was something to look at. The thick brown hair being blown by the wind from the passing cars was so sexy. And the tall, well-toned body striding toward her made her…a fool. What had she been thinking calling Lisa for help? True she’d been secretly hoping Lisa’d send Ryan, but what the hell’d she expect him to do for her? She had no tire for him to change, two dollars and some cents in her wallet, and all her credit cards were maxed-out. She was pathetic and soon her boss would know it.
She’d ask him take her home. She’d just leave her dying ride on the side of the road to be hauled off like the garbage it was. The city would call her to come get it. They’d expect her to pay the towing and storage fee but she’d just ignore them and hope they didn’t throw her in jail…
“Give me your keys,” Ryan held out his hand.
Emily blinked. “Why?”
“So I can open the trunk and get the spare. You have a jack, right?” Emily only stared at him. “If you don’t trust me, you can open it yourself.”
Uh Oh. He seemed cranky. “Look,” Emily began. “I shouldn’t have called your sister. I…I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t have a jack…or a spare tire either. I…I just…” She threw her hands up. “I’m sorry I bothered you.”
“Do you have road side assistance?” Emily shook her head. “Okay, without a spare we’ll need to call a tow truck. They can take it to your mechanic, or a tire shop. I’ll take you home after the party then take you to get it fixed in the morning.”
When he pulled out his phone, Emily shook her head again. “No.”
“No?” He echoed. “You have a better idea?”
“I can’t pay for a tow truck,” she admitted. “If I could I wouldn’t have panicked and called your sister.”
Emily watched him inspect the remaining bald tires. From the way he frowned, she bet he’d figured out she couldn’t afford a new tire either.

You can meet Ryan now in Revelations From the Past

At the knock on her door, Lisa’s heart skipped a beat. Leaping off the bed, she smoothed her black dress and ran her fingers through her hair. Disappointment hit hard when she saw her brother’s face through the peephole. She wasn’t in the mood for another lecture on what their mother needed from her.
She should’ve known better than to expect Colby. Not after the way she’d hurt his feelings. He’d felt used and she’d done nothing to make him feel otherwise. It turned out for the best. If she wanted to get over him, and the amazing things he made her feel, she needed to end things cold turkey. To do that she must go home and get back to her life.
“Ryan,” Lisa warily stepped aside to let her brother enter.
“Fancy digs,” Ryan noted. “You’ve re-made yourself quite nicely, sis.”
Tears filled her eyes. “Not tonight, Ryan. Please.”
Ryan put his hands on her shoulders. “Ah God, Lisa, I didn’t mean that badly. I’m proud of how strong you’ve become. Losing Dad reminded me of how close we came to losing you. When you left it felt like I did lose you. Every day, I wish I’d tried harder to convince you to stay. You needed me and I wasn’t there for you.”
Lisa shook her head. “You did try. I’m the one who shut everybody out. I just needed to distance myself from everything that reminded me of Rob.” Lisa couldn’t meet her brother’s eyes when she added, “You were his best friend.”
“That’s why I avoided the subject. He was my friend so I felt responsible for not seeing that coming.”
“No.” Lisa hugged Ryan. “It wasn’t your fault, or mine. I just couldn’t stay. I needed to start over. But I missed you, all of you, every day.”
“Dad didn’t blame you, you know that. I think he understood better than Mom and I did.”
“I wish I’d spent more time with him. I wish…” Another knock interrupted her. Lisa threw he hands up in frustration. “That’s probably Kari checking up on me again.”
Without looking through the peephole, Ryan opened the door.
Colby checked the number on the door, right before slamming his fist into Ryan’s face.
Ryan stumbled back inside. “What the…”
“Ryan!” Lisa ran to his side. Turning to Colby, she screamed, “You bastard. You…”Catching the look in his eyes she swallowed the rest of her words.
Colby jerked a thumb toward Ryan sitting on the bed with a towel held against his bloody nose. “Is he the reason we can’t be? Or just tonight’s distraction?”
Lisa’s slap had him instinctively cuffing her wrist to avoid the second one from making contact.
Blood still dripping, Ryan jumped between them. “You’re going to want to let go of her,” he ordered. “We buried our father today. Whatever’s going on between you two will have to wait.”
Colby shoved Lisa into Ryan. “Fuck it, she’s all yours.”


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