Coming Soon From Rebel Ink Press!

Over the weekend I signed the contract for my next book. As many of you know I had trouble with the Title. I’m unable to share that information with you today as there are 2 possibilities and I’m waiting final approval. I can however share a bit about my new Hero and Heroine…

We first met Ryan Rose in Revelations From the PastRevelations from Past-medium

Excerpt From Revelations

Without looking through the peephole, Ryan opened the door.

Colby checked the number on the door, right before slamming his fist into Ryan’s face.

Ryan stumbled back inside. “What the…”

“Ryan!” Lisa ran to his side. Turning to Colby, she screamed, “You bastard. You…”Catching the look in his eyes she swallowed the rest of her words.

Colby jerked a thumb toward Ryan sitting on the bed with a towel held against his bloody nose. “Is he the reason we can’t be? Or just tonight’s distraction?”

Lisa’s slap had him instinctively cuffing her wrist to avoid the second one from making contact.

Blood still dripping, Ryan jumped between them. “You’re going to want to let go of her,” he ordered. “We buried our father today. Whatever’s going on between you two will have to wait.”

Colby shoved Lisa into Ryan. “Fuck it, she’s all yours.”

Halfway to the elevator he froze. The guy said we just buried our father. He wasn’t Lisa’s lover, he was her brother. And that made him a jealous asshole.


And here’s an unedited excerpt from Ryan’s Story

He didn’t want to be at the office. He wanted to be out in the field pounding nails into something. He wanted to feel the sun beating on his back while the sweat ran down his shirt. He wanted his faded jeans not the Dockers he was forced to wear to the office. And during her first week he decided he didn’t want to be so close to his new secretary. When he did make it to the office, he kept the door closed to avoid the sexy scent she wore. He’d never survive when Betsy left him alone with her.

This morning, he needed to return the calls he’d put off as long as possible. He would’ve returned them from home if Betsy hadn’t scheduled him a meeting with the temporary foreman at ten. So he’d decided to come to the office early and catch up on the never ending duties of an acting owner. He wonder how his father did it all those years?

He told himself he’d been working from home most days so as not to disturb Betsy and her new trainee. Yeah right. He’d been avoiding the embarrassment of dealing with Emily while secretly hoping she didn’t work out. Because not only was he embarrassed by the way he’d interviewed her, he was also incredibly turned on at the sight of her. So turned on he’d dreamt about having sex with her on his father’s scarred desk. Another reason he’d been avoiding the office.

Updates and Release date to come.

You can learn more about Ryan in Revelations From the Past Now Available in e-book



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