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Loving pair kissing in hammockWelcome to my page! I am honored to be participating in this hop. And will be giving away an e-copy of Revelations From the Past, plus a $10.00 Amazon Card. If you like Revelations well enough you can purchase Office Hours being released by https://www.facebook.com/rebelinkpress on October 10, 2014. Just leave me a comment below and you’ll be entered to win!

Here’s a preview of Revelations From the Past

Revelations from Past-medium Blurb: Attending her best friend’s wedding, the last thing on Lisa Rose’s mind is falling in love. Surviving a gunshot wound inflicted by her late husband stole her faith in men. So why can’t she ignore the best man’s attempts to charm her? Unable to fight the chemistry between them, Lisa invites him to her hotel room. With the sheets still warm, she learns Colby is an undercover detective. Her worst nightmare. A man with a gun. Hoping to understand her attitude toward cops, the subject that suddenly changed her mood, Colby does a quick search and learns of the tragic night Lisa narrowly escaped death at the hands of her husband. Digging further, he uncovers a web of deceit when one of the crime scene photos doesn’t support the case’s theory. Colby is torn between being the cop who needs to solve a murder and the man who understands pursuing the case would upset the woman he loves. The cop wins, putting Lisa in jeopardy when the real murderer is revealed. Revenge, greed and betrayal lead to Lisa’s kidnapping leaving her no choice but to trust Colby with her life and eventually her heart.

We first met the Hero of Office Hours, Ryan Rose, in Revelations From the Past. Excerpt from Revelations From the Past

Colby checked the number on the door, right before slamming his fist into Ryan’s face. Ryan stumbled back inside. “What the…” “Ryan!” Lisa ran to her brother’s side. Turning to Colby, she screamed, “You bastard. You…” Catching the look in Colby’s eyes Lisa swallowed the rest of her words before he demanded, “Is he the reason we can’t be?” Colby jerked a thumb toward Ryan, sitting on the bed with a towel held against his bloody nose. “Or is he just tonight’s distraction?” Colby felt the sting from Lisa’s slap. Instinctively he cuffed her wrist with his hand to avoid the second one from making contact. Blood still dripping, Ryan jumped between them. “You’re going to want to let go of her,” he ordered Colby. “We buried our father today. Whatever’s going on between you two will have to wait.” Colby released Lisa, shoving her into Ryan. “Fuck it. She’s all yours.” Halfway to the elevator he froze. The guy said we just buried our father. He wasn’t Lisa’s lover, he was her brother. And that made him a jealous asshole. Turning back to apologize, he ran right into Ryan. “I wondered how long it’d take you to get my message. The only reason I didn’t kick your ass in there was because of what I saw in my sister’s eyes when you came in. Something I haven’t seen in way too long. She cares about you.” He held his hand out to Colby. “I’m Ryan. Ryan Rose, Lisa’s brother.” Colby shook the offered hand. “Colby Durran. Sorry about your nose.” “It’s not broken. But Lisa’s the one you owe an apology.” “You’re right. Though I doubt she’ll accept it.” “Did you sleep with my sister?” Colby narrowed his eyebrows. “Are you going to change your mind about kicking my ass if I say yes?” Smirking, Ryan shook his head. “I’m going to congratulate you. My sister’s been through hell and back. The fact she allowed you into her life, her bed, means you’re someone special. She’ll accept your apology, though she won’t make it easy on you. I suggest flowers. She likes Carnations. ” After writing Revelations From the Past, Ryan demanded his own story. Ryan’s story will be released October 10, 2014

Office Hours-flat Unedited Blurb Emily Winters was looking for a new job, not a new lover. Answering and ad for office manager she found both. Life is good until her ex decides he isn’t finished with her. Soon Emily finds herself caught in a web of lies as she tries to hide her past lover from her present one. Just when she thought she was safe the two men encounter each other in the most embarrassing meeting of Emily’s life. His father’s unexpected death hurled Ryan Rose into the president’s seat of the family business. When his retiring manager hires her replacement, a woman who says she doesn’t believe in office romance, Ryan does the only thing he knows to win her over, retire. Preparing to sell his share in the company, he discovers a connection between the buyer and his secretary, a connection he’s not sure he can forgive. Together the couple learns love’s not always sex and roses.

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About Lori, Lori J Gordon resides in Northern California with her Husband and two dogs, Skittles and Bandit. She began writing seriously in 2006 and published her first e-book in March 2012. Since then she has published six books with Rebel Ink Press, the seventh releasing October 10, 2014. When she is not reading or writing, Lori works as a Retail Supervisor.

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Today We’re Celebrating Author Jennifer Wilck’s New Release, Miriam’s Surrender

image001 BLURB Josh Lowenstein is a successful architect, hired to redesign the alumni club of a posh, private school in New York. He is strong, capable and knows the best way to do everything. Except let another woman in. Miriam Goldberg is the Assistant Director of Outreach, and is Josh’s day-to-day contact for the redesign. She’s taken care of everyone around her, and forgotten how to let someone else take care of her. With a tumultuous history, neither one is prepared to work together. As they get to know each other, the animosity disappears, but Josh is hiding something from Miriam and its discovery has the possibility of destroying their relationship. Only when they are both able to let the other in, and release some of the control they exert over everything, will they be able to see if their love can survive.

Excerpt Josh sat in the cab and looked out the window. Lights and people and cars and buildings rushed by in a blur. His eyes glazed over and in their place Miriam appeared. Miriam touching his arm and reassuring him, Miriam smiling, Miriam’s hair shining, Miriam looking at him as he bent to kiss her. Whatever made him do it? When they’d stood outside her apartment in the cold night air, her cheeks had turned pink from the cold. He smiled. She controlled so many of her outward reactions to things, but she couldn’t control that one. From his height and angle, he’d watched the light from the street lamps shine on her hair, making it appear to glow. Their breath, a white fog, had intermingled as they stood facing each other. Her lips were soft and plump. He’d spent the evening watching them mold words, stretch into a smile, surround her food as she chewed. He couldn’t help himself; he’d wanted to kiss her. It was the briefest wish. He’d made the slightest move toward her. But in the one too-brief second, he’d glimpsed much more. Her pupils had dilated, she’d raised her face to his and she’d parted her lips. He’d discovered Miriam’s desire. And now he knew she wanted him, it would take all of his control not to give in to his own need. 

Get your copy on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Miriams-Surrender-Women-Valor-Book-ebook/dp/B00NFR6X9C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1410295658&sr=8-2&keywords=miriam%27s+surrender


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Thanks so much, Lori, for hosting me today and helping me to promote my newest release, Miriam’s Surrender. I’m very excited to announce the second book in my Women of Valor series, but want to reassure you that it can easily be read on its own. I hope you enjoy it and welcome comments!