Jenny Hits the Jackpot received Three out of Four Stars from the OnlineBookClub!

Of all the books I’ve written, Jenny Hits the Jackpot is my favorite.

When they closed the store I’d worked at for over 10 years, my best  friend and I decided to go to the local Indian Casino and celebrate our newfound unemployment. It was sitting at a slot machine called Hearts of Gold we came up with the story idea. I promised my friend I’d write the story. It took me a little over a year but I kept my word. In the meantime I landed a contract with Rebel Ink Press for my first book, Victims of Circumstance. Once I completed Jenny Hits the Jackpot I submitted it and it became my second published work.

I recently received a review that made my day. In Honor of this review you can read my favorite book for only .99 May 7th thru 10th. (Good or bad, I hope you will let me know what you think.)

Official Review

BLURB: Celebrating his latest success with a trip to Las Vegas, Business Tycoon Tyler Wells is in for the shock of his life. Electrocuted by a slot machine, he finds himself suspended between life and death, facing the man who holds the key between Heaven and Hell. To save his soul, Tyler will be sent on a mission to prevent a woman from taking her own life–a woman he has wronged in the past.

When her husband left her for another woman, Jenny Spencer was heartbroken.When her employer told her they were closing their doors for good, she was frustrated.But learning the man she’d fallen in love with is responsible for her employer’s demise leaves Jenny devastated.

Will Tyler see the error of his ways in time to win back the woman he loves? Or will his pride condemn them both?

***** Format: Kindle Edition This book was not what I expected but it was really good. It kept me guessing at every turn and made me fall in love with the characters. If you love a book that is a little different and keeps you guessing you will enjoy this book.

**** Format: Kindle Edition The story line is creative and unique. I loved the development of the characters and the growth they both went through to reach their happily ever after. The double love triangle suspense added conflict and drama. It was a sweet romance with a sizzle of good sex and a happily ever after for the pay off. Well done.

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Great Read for a Great Price!

I’m honored to share with you a book by my fellow Rebel Author and good friend, Denisea Kampe.

Denisea’s Fun Facts from For His Country (Whew! Say that three times fast…)

The setting of the book is Jacksonville, North Carolina, home to one of the largest Marine Corps bases on the planet. It just happens I and my very own marine in dusty cammies have spent a total of over fifteen years of his twenty-six year career in the Carolinas, most of those at Camp Lejeune.

For His Country was the first title I published in first edition under my real, given name after I retired my former pen name. Aside from my very first published work, The Executive Officer’s Wife, this is the title I’m most proud of to date because of that fact. I own it as me not as a façade.

Like Gavin and Ray, MarshFox and I are also devout Catholics and attended Mass while stationed at Camp Lejeune at IOP, the parish mentioned in the book which is where Ray and Gavin renew their wedding vows. While we were members of this parish, we saw our son confirmed there by the bishop (an unusual occurrence in the military community).

The community college that gets a shout out, although never formally named in the book, is in fact Coastal Carolina and where MarshFox received his technical training in his job field back in the early 90s.

Much like Ray, I endured more time apart from MarshFox (who holds the same rank of E-9 as Gavin, but is a Master Gunnery Sergeant rather than a Sergeant Major due to staying in his job field when promoted) than I did with him for a period of time. Over the course of a nine year period during the height of the Iraqi and Afghanistan campaigns, I only saw him a total of three years—total! Those didn’t come consecutively either. And that’s what led to the premise of the story…

Last fun fact, but by far not least, the premise of the story is based on real life events which we endured…losing sight of each other and who we were due to prolonged separation. Eventually MarshFox would come home from one of his trips and we discovered over time we knew each other less and less until we knew we either had to figure out how to rediscover each other or we’d quickly become just another statistic in the Marine Corps divorce pile. While I never went to the extremes Ray did in the book to regain her husband’s attention, I did entertain thoughts of painting the interior of our house camo pattern in an attempt at getting him to defy orders and stay home just one time. Living life as a wife is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but also one of the most rewarding. I’m glad we stuck it out. We fell in love all over again and I can’t imagine my life without my MarshFox.


Blurb: Twenty-seven years, more than a dozen deployments, five kids…and one missing wife. After twenty-seven years of marriage and service to his country, Gavin McIntyre returns from what he hopes will be his last deployment before either reaching the highest attainable enlisted rank in the Marine Corps or retiring. But what he returns to leaves him flat aback with a busted mast and broken rudder. His wife is a no show for the homecoming. Using the ages old adage of improvise, adapt, and overcome, he makes his way home only to discover, she hasn’t simply forgotten to pick him up from the bus, she’s gone. In her wake, Gavin finds his home set up boot camp style and twenty dollars in the cookie jar, but any evidence he’s ever had a wife or five children with her is deplete.

Pregnant at sixteen and married to a marine in a less than romantic ceremony courtesy of the local Justice, Raylyn McIntyre has spent almost three decades playing the dutiful patriotic wife, catering to the whims of the military. She’s lost track of how many places she’s lived, how many deployments she’s endured, and how many tears she’s shed. But most of all, she’s lost track of herself. With a husband who’s so wrapped up in saving the world he can’t see he’s losing his family, Ray resorts to the one tactic he might understand…a full frontal attack with extreme prejudice, which proves to get Gavin’s waning attention.Nothing good ever comes easy, though, and just when her choice of battle plan seems to be working, tragedy befalls their family. As Ray and Gavin struggle to find center, they also struggle with the notion that forgiveness of self is often the only path to forgiveness of another, and that path is not only bumpy but filled with pitfalls.

This is one of my personal favorites I give it 5 stars

on November 20, 2014

Format: Paperback
For His Country is a great read. Denisea Kampe has a way of making you see what’s happening and I could feel this family’s highs and lows. She shows conflicts that are real in our world and proves love is not always easy but is worth the effort it takes to keep it alive. Thank you for this touching story.

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