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Excerpt From Jenny Hit’s the Jackpot


This fateful night, feeling high on success—and whiskey—Tyler decided it was time his current squeeze earned her trip. Finding her seated at what he considered one of the girly slot machines, he leaned over and nipped her earlobe. “I want you. Now!”

She took her eyes off the game long enough to pout. “But I’m winning. And it’s still early. Can’t we stay just a little bit longer?”

Tyler leaned over her shoulder and hit the cash-out button. “No,” he said. “We can’t.”


Tyler lifted her off the stool and pressed his lips to hers. “Playing with me gives you much better odds of hitting the big one,” he murmured while reaching over to retrieve her ticket.

As soon as his fingers made contact with the paper, a shock ripped through him from head to toe. “What the….”

The next thing he knew, Tyler found himself sitting in the middle of a cold, white tiled, room softly moaning in pain. A first aid office? He felt a tingling sensation and couldn’t stop the tremors wracking his entire body. Holding his hand in front of his face, he slowly wiggled his numb fingers. At least I’m not dead.

“Are you sure about that?” A deep voice buzzed in his ears.

Tyler bolted to his feet. “Who said that?” Disoriented and dizzy, he leaned against the wall to keep from falling. Fighting the urge to vomit, he turned a circle. “Who’s here?” he demanded only to find himself alone inside the imprisoning walls.

It seemed he’d landed in the middle of a really weird dream. He didn’t remember going to bed. He’d been drinking heavily, though. What other explanation could there be? Looking up at the ceiling, Tyler decided there must be a speaker somewhere in the sterile room. Seeing nothing, he called out again, “Who’s there? Where are you?” He ran his fingers through his spiky black hair. “And where the hell am I?”

The voice boomed out. “Go to the wall on your left.”

Cautiously, Tyler walked towards the opposite wall. Stopping a few feet in front of it, he stood watching as solid drywall dissolved into a window overlooking the casino.

“Go ahead,” the voice startled him. “Take a closer look.”

Tyler forced himself to move up to the glass. “No…” He jumped when a hand dropped on his shoulder. Turning he found himself face to face with a tall, lean, man. An older man, with jet black hair like his own and eyes red as blood, glowed like a stoplight. Staring into those hypnotic eyes, Tyler realized he was in trouble. “Who are you,” he demanded.

Saying nothing, the man gently turned Tyler back towards the window. Praying he would wake up, Tyler watched the paramedic’s frantically working on the man lying on Harrah’s floor. He swallowed hard when he recognized the body. His body.

Kneeling beside his body double, yelling his name between sobs, was his date. Pretty good actress.

Hotel security and the Las Vegas Police formed a circle around his body, keeping curious gamblers back.

Dreading the answer, Tyler whispered, “What happened to me?”

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