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The Sizzling Summer Reads Party starts on June 1 at 12:00am EST. Thank you so much for being a part of this! We have more than 350 participating authors and publishers, and there are more than 350 prizes up for grabs during the whole month of June. Grand prize is a $100 Gift Certificate! My Question will appear on June 29, from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST. You’ll need to register and be logged in at TRR before they can play the game. We need people to register to keep track of their points. Registration is free and easy. I’ll be giving away a signed Paperback of Office hours! Office Hours-flat Hint! You can find the answer in the excerpt from Office Hours. Office Hours Excerpt: Squealing, she caught Emily in a fierce hug. “Welcome to the family.” She grabbed Emily’s hand then frowned at Ryan. “You should’ve asked for help picking out the ring.” “Wait just a minute.” He avoided his sister’s attempt to grab his hand. “Who told you?” He glanced at Emily. Emily shook her head. “I swear I didn’t say anything.” Lisa laughed. “Colby told me he saw you at the office today.” Ryan frowned. “But I didn’t tell him.” “C’mon Ry. You know how observant he is. He saw your rings. Though he failed to tell me my brother was so cheap.” “It’s temporary.” Ryan shrugged. “You can help her pick something out soon. Did you tell Mom?” “Are you kidding? Do you know how mad she’s gonna be when she finds out she wasn’t invited.” “No one was invited. That’s why it’s called eloping.” “I forgive you.” Lisa hugged Ryan. Whispering in his ear she asked, “Is Emily pregnant?” “No!” “Colby bet she was. C’mon, let’s go inside and celebrate.” With an arm draped around each of them Lisa led them into the living room. “Mom, Ryan has some good news.” Before Ryan could stop her, Lisa announced, “He and Emily got married in Tahoe Tuesday night.” See the Official Review for Office Hours from the Online BookClub It earned 3 out of 4 Stars!


Jenny Hits the Jackpot received Three out of Four Stars from the OnlineBookClub!

Of all the books I’ve written, Jenny Hits the Jackpot is my favorite.

When they closed the store I’d worked at for over 10 years, my best  friend and I decided to go to the local Indian Casino and celebrate our newfound unemployment. It was sitting at a slot machine called Hearts of Gold we came up with the story idea. I promised my friend I’d write the story. It took me a little over a year but I kept my word. In the meantime I landed a contract with Rebel Ink Press for my first book, Victims of Circumstance. Once I completed Jenny Hits the Jackpot I submitted it and it became my second published work.

I recently received a review that made my day. In Honor of this review you can read my favorite book for only .99 May 7th thru 10th. (Good or bad, I hope you will let me know what you think.)

Official Review

BLURB: Celebrating his latest success with a trip to Las Vegas, Business Tycoon Tyler Wells is in for the shock of his life. Electrocuted by a slot machine, he finds himself suspended between life and death, facing the man who holds the key between Heaven and Hell. To save his soul, Tyler will be sent on a mission to prevent a woman from taking her own life–a woman he has wronged in the past.

When her husband left her for another woman, Jenny Spencer was heartbroken.When her employer told her they were closing their doors for good, she was frustrated.But learning the man she’d fallen in love with is responsible for her employer’s demise leaves Jenny devastated.

Will Tyler see the error of his ways in time to win back the woman he loves? Or will his pride condemn them both?

***** Format: Kindle Edition This book was not what I expected but it was really good. It kept me guessing at every turn and made me fall in love with the characters. If you love a book that is a little different and keeps you guessing you will enjoy this book.

**** Format: Kindle Edition The story line is creative and unique. I loved the development of the characters and the growth they both went through to reach their happily ever after. The double love triangle suspense added conflict and drama. It was a sweet romance with a sizzle of good sex and a happily ever after for the pay off. Well done.

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Great Read for a Great Price!

I’m honored to share with you a book by my fellow Rebel Author and good friend, Denisea Kampe.

Denisea’s Fun Facts from For His Country (Whew! Say that three times fast…)

The setting of the book is Jacksonville, North Carolina, home to one of the largest Marine Corps bases on the planet. It just happens I and my very own marine in dusty cammies have spent a total of over fifteen years of his twenty-six year career in the Carolinas, most of those at Camp Lejeune.

For His Country was the first title I published in first edition under my real, given name after I retired my former pen name. Aside from my very first published work, The Executive Officer’s Wife, this is the title I’m most proud of to date because of that fact. I own it as me not as a façade.

Like Gavin and Ray, MarshFox and I are also devout Catholics and attended Mass while stationed at Camp Lejeune at IOP, the parish mentioned in the book which is where Ray and Gavin renew their wedding vows. While we were members of this parish, we saw our son confirmed there by the bishop (an unusual occurrence in the military community).

The community college that gets a shout out, although never formally named in the book, is in fact Coastal Carolina and where MarshFox received his technical training in his job field back in the early 90s.

Much like Ray, I endured more time apart from MarshFox (who holds the same rank of E-9 as Gavin, but is a Master Gunnery Sergeant rather than a Sergeant Major due to staying in his job field when promoted) than I did with him for a period of time. Over the course of a nine year period during the height of the Iraqi and Afghanistan campaigns, I only saw him a total of three years—total! Those didn’t come consecutively either. And that’s what led to the premise of the story…

Last fun fact, but by far not least, the premise of the story is based on real life events which we endured…losing sight of each other and who we were due to prolonged separation. Eventually MarshFox would come home from one of his trips and we discovered over time we knew each other less and less until we knew we either had to figure out how to rediscover each other or we’d quickly become just another statistic in the Marine Corps divorce pile. While I never went to the extremes Ray did in the book to regain her husband’s attention, I did entertain thoughts of painting the interior of our house camo pattern in an attempt at getting him to defy orders and stay home just one time. Living life as a wife is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but also one of the most rewarding. I’m glad we stuck it out. We fell in love all over again and I can’t imagine my life without my MarshFox.


Blurb: Twenty-seven years, more than a dozen deployments, five kids…and one missing wife. After twenty-seven years of marriage and service to his country, Gavin McIntyre returns from what he hopes will be his last deployment before either reaching the highest attainable enlisted rank in the Marine Corps or retiring. But what he returns to leaves him flat aback with a busted mast and broken rudder. His wife is a no show for the homecoming. Using the ages old adage of improvise, adapt, and overcome, he makes his way home only to discover, she hasn’t simply forgotten to pick him up from the bus, she’s gone. In her wake, Gavin finds his home set up boot camp style and twenty dollars in the cookie jar, but any evidence he’s ever had a wife or five children with her is deplete.

Pregnant at sixteen and married to a marine in a less than romantic ceremony courtesy of the local Justice, Raylyn McIntyre has spent almost three decades playing the dutiful patriotic wife, catering to the whims of the military. She’s lost track of how many places she’s lived, how many deployments she’s endured, and how many tears she’s shed. But most of all, she’s lost track of herself. With a husband who’s so wrapped up in saving the world he can’t see he’s losing his family, Ray resorts to the one tactic he might understand…a full frontal attack with extreme prejudice, which proves to get Gavin’s waning attention.Nothing good ever comes easy, though, and just when her choice of battle plan seems to be working, tragedy befalls their family. As Ray and Gavin struggle to find center, they also struggle with the notion that forgiveness of self is often the only path to forgiveness of another, and that path is not only bumpy but filled with pitfalls.

This is one of my personal favorites I give it 5 stars

on November 20, 2014

Format: Paperback
For His Country is a great read. Denisea Kampe has a way of making you see what’s happening and I could feel this family’s highs and lows. She shows conflicts that are real in our world and proves love is not always easy but is worth the effort it takes to keep it alive. Thank you for this touching story.

For a Limited Time you can read this wonderful book for only .99

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Forever Love

Today I’d like to Welcome my fellow Rebel Author Katie Gallagher to my place.

Blurb: Two lines. That’s what Cyn Clark saw when she took a pregnancy test after her period was two weeks late. At first, she chalked it up to the stress of midterms since the end of the semester was right around the corner. But when she started to feel tired and queasy, she decided to take the test and that’s when her life changed forever. Although, already engaged to her boyfriend, now fiancee, James Lucas, this new revelation has Cyn questioning her decision. Would she be able to handle motherhood alone after James deployed in May? Or had they rushed into their entire relationship? James surprises Cyn by proposing all over again when he hears the news about their coming surprise and things seem to be better between them, but for how long? Will Cyn get her happily ever after or be disappointed in the end?

Excerpt: “Cyn?” “What?” I groaned. “We’re on the same cycle, and I don’t think that I’ve seen you grab a pad in weeks.” I got up and started rummaging around in my desk for my calendar. I counted and looked up at Alison, stone faced. “The last time I had a period was right before Homecoming. I’m pregnant.” Alison glanced over. “How do you know?” “My cycle is like clockwork. I’m never late, and I’ve been exhausted lately and queasy.” “Let’s go to the store and buy you a test.” She grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the door. I stood there. “No. I don’t need a test. I just need to call the doctor and see how far along I am.” “They sell those kind of tests at the store. Now stop arguing with me. Let’s go.”

**** “There are too many different kinds to choose from,” I grumbled. “Here, try this one.” Alison threw one in my hand. I didn’t even bother to look at it. I was just glad to get out of there. I held the bag close to my chest the whole walk back to the dorm. My hands shook as I struggled to open the box. “Let me help you with that.” Alison yanked the box out of my hands and ripped it open. “Here you go.” “Thanks,” I said, staring at the test. I can’t believe I’m getting ready to do this. I hid the test under my shirt and walked down towards the bathroom. The door squeaked loudly as it opened. I slipped into the nearest stall and sat down, legs shaking. Here goes nothing. I walked out of the stall holding the test in my shaking hands and sat it on the edge of the sink. Now I just had to wait three minutes. The longest three minutes of my life. There was a knock on the bathroom door, and Alison walked in. “Any news yet?” I shook my head. “No, I just took it. I’m just waiting. I still can’t believe I’m doing this. How could I be so stupid?” I chided myself. “Didn’t you guys use protection?” I nodded. “That’s why I’m surprised. I knew I should have just waited until marriage. My father is going to kill me!” “You don’t know that yet. It could be negative.” “Let’s hope so, for my sake.” I stared at the stick. One line had shown up and there was a smidge of a second line. “Is that two lines?” I asked, panicked. Alison glanced over. “It looks like it might be. If you want, we can make you a doctor’s appointment to make sure,” she said. I was glad to see she could stay calm. I was freaking out. “So what’s next?” I glanced up. “What do you mean?” “Do you know what you’re going to do next? There are a lot of things to consider, keeping the pregnancy a secret, telling James, getting an abortion…” “I could never get an abortion. I need to tell James,” I said, starting to panic.

Katie Gallagher is the author of the young adult novels; Catching You, Stealing Cynderella and the upcoming Forever Love. She lives in Western PA with her husband and young daughter who graciously tolerate her inability to resist teenage drama on TV and lack of cooking skills. She loves coffee, flip flops and hates cold weather. You can find her on Twitter or on Facebook at


Stop by and help me Celebrate The Romance Reviews 4th Anniversary!


Welcome to my Place. In honor of TRR’s 4th Anniversary I’m giving away an autographed copy of my first Paperback, Office Hours.

We have more than 350 participating authors and publishers, and there are more than 350 prizes up for grabs during the whole month of March. Grand prize is a $100 Gift Certificate! My Q&A will appear on March 30, from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST You need to register and be logged in at TRR before so you can play the game Registration is free and easy.

My question comes from my first published e-book whose 3d birthday happens to be March 1st.

Excerpt: (Hint, my answer is here)

Arriving at the station-forty five minutes late had his partner, Brandon Matthews, rolling his eyes at Joe. “I thought maybe you decided to skip out on me today.”

“I had some…business this morning.”     Joe snarled.

Brandon smirked. “Oh yeah, I’ve seen your wife.”

Not now,” Joe growled.

“Anything I can do to help?”

Joe managed a smile. “Maybe. I’ll let ya know. What’s up for today?”

Brandon and Joe had been partners for nearly six years and were friends outside the job as well. Brandon was Joe’s best man and Joe and Marie had been there for him during his ugly divorce last year. Brandon would do anything for Joe or Marie, just as he knew they’d do anything for him. Brandon ran through the workload then gestured at the list. “If you need some time off, I can handle this stuff myself.”

Joe shook his head. “Appreciate it but the work will do me good. Give me a few minutes to make a call before we get started.”

“Sure,” Brandon rose from his desk. “Coffee?”

The phone against his ear, Joe nodded.

“Everything okay?” Brandon asked when he returned with the coffee.

“I hope so,” Joe drank deeply from his cup. “You have any plans tonight?”

“Just the usual,” Brandon flashed his famous grin. “Frozen dinner and a DVD with Potato.”

Joe shook his head. “A dog named Potato isn’t a life. If I offer to grill you a real steak, could you come by the house later?”

Brandon wrinkled his nose as if he wouldn’t consider it. “I don’t know,” he drawled. “Potato might get jealous.”

“Bring him with you. You know how much Marie loves to spoil that mutt.”

“Sure, yeah okay.” Brandon accepted, knowing the offer was a call for help rather than a friendly invitation to dinner. “What time?”

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Rebel’s Valentine Tales


Happy Valentines Day!

Welcome to my place where today I’m honored to have 5 of my fellow Rebels help me celebrate a holiday perfect for Romance Writers.

First up is Joanne Berroa: Valentine’s Day is a sweet holiday.

It’s for sweethearts and sweet-tooth’s. Or is it sweet teeth? When I was single way back in the Dark Ages, my boyfriends used to bring me the usual fare: chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals. The chocolates were yummy, and I always liked those funny looking cupids with hearts that passed for plush toys. The roses smelled nice, but they never lasted all that long. When I got married, however, Valentine’s Day lost something. I guess hubs didn’t feel he needed to buy those “sweet things” anymore. He must have thought I was already sweet enough. So I got a mushy card instead. Eventually, the cards stopped, too. Valentine’s Day became a day for other sweethearts, but I never complained to hubs. When my oldest son began dating girls at age 13, I helped him pick out a cute bear with a huge red heart for his girlfriend saying “I Love You.” Well, he didn’t exactly love her, but it was a cute animal anyway, and she seemed to like it. Now my son is grown and he gets his girlfriend all kinds of nice things for Valentine’s Day, like those Alex and Ani bracelets, fancy floral arrangements, etc. I raised him right. And she seems to like it. But where does that leave me? I guess when I look at advertisements depicting huge heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses, and cute stuffed animals, I look back and think of all the stomach aches, extra pounds, and house clutter from stuffed animal overload I had back in the early days and be glad I have a hubby who still remembers to tell me every day of the year he loves me. And I like it!

Rapture high seas-flat

Meet Joanne:

Rapture on the High Seas, a modern day pirate romance novella

BLURB: Laurel Vanderman Delacroix is the daughter of billionaire Victor Vanderman, owner and CEO of multi-national World One Bank. Although Laurel has a high level job within the family business, her life is unfulfilled, and she takes an extended African vacation with friends aboard her multi-million dollar yacht. She never expects to be hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean, some three hundred miles out in International waters off the coast of Tanzania. She has no way of knowing that this is no random act of piracy. Someone who wants to bankrupt her father set the hijacking in motion, and the perpetrator doesn’t care what happens to Laurel and her friends in the process. The Somali pirate leader who captures Laurel and her friends aboard Bubbles is extremely competent and dangerous, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. He’s also an astute businessman with millions in his Swiss bank account. Will this Somali pirate carry out his mission and put Laurel’s and her friends’ lives on the line, or does he subscribe to another agenda? Will he capture Laurel’s heart along with his ransom demands, or completely destroy it?

Rapture on the High Seas is a contemporary story of intrigue and betrayal. Above all else, it’s a sensual tale of love that’ll leave you feeling warm all over and believing that nothing is ever as it seems.


Next up is Jennifer Wilck: Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love and romance, and who better to celebrate that than a romance writer! Hearts, flowers and chocolates, oh my!

When I write my heroes and heroines, I’m constantly thinking of romantic gestures they can make to each other to express their love or attraction. It’s part of the “show, don’t tell” rule. So my hero might rent out a restaurant for the heroine, or my heroine might buy the hero a meaningful present. Sometimes, it’s having one of them show up somewhere to lend support. Other times it’s a conversation where they declare their love. Regardless of what I make them do, by the end of that scene, the reader is confident about the meaning.

In real life, those gestures are often more difficult to do. Balancing work, family life and every day stupid stuff doesn’t always leave much room for hearts and flowers and chocolate (well, at least the hearts and flowers—there’s always room for chocolate!). So showing my husband I love him is something I consciously think about. Now, before you say, “Whoa, that’s not a good thing!” I’m going to say, “Yes, it’s a very good thing.” Because it’s easy to forget; it’s harder to remember. Making a conscious effort to say, “I love you,” or picking out a treat that I know he’ll like, or taking a break in my day to send a cute text or make a quick phone call takes effort. And if I’m making the effort, it says, even better than those words or presents, that I love him. Should I do it every day? Of course I should! Do I always do it? Unfortunately not. That’s why Valentine’s Day is a nice holiday. Because it makes a big deal out of the little stuff. It reminds me to take time and show my husband how much I love him. And remembering to show your love is always a good thing!

image001 (1)

Meet Jennifer:

EXCERPT: Josh sat in the cab and looked out the window. Lights and people and cars and buildings rushed by in a blur. His eyes glazed over and in their place Miriam appeared. Miriam touching his arm and reassuring him, Miriam smiling, Miriam’s hair shining, Miriam looking at him as he bent to kiss her. Whatever made him do it? When they’d stood outside her apartment in the cold night air, her cheeks had turned pink from the cold. He smiled. She controlled so many of her outward reactions to things, but she couldn’t control that one. From his height and angle, he’d watched the light from the street lamps shine on her hair, making it appear to glow. Their breath, a white fog, had intermingled as they stood facing each other. Her lips were soft and plump. He’d spent the evening watching them mold words, stretch into a smile, surround her food as she chewed. He couldn’t help himself; he’d wanted to kiss her. It was the briefest wish. He’d made the slightest move toward her. But in the one too-brief second, he’d glimpsed much more. Her pupils had dilated, she’d raised her face to his and she’d parted her lips. He’d discovered Miriam’s desire. And now he knew she wanted him, it would take all of his control not to give in to his own need.


Here’s BethAnn Buehler: Valentines Day is a tough holiday at my house because my birthday and our anniversary fall in the same week meaning the three occasions take place within five days.

With President’s day falling nearby (which means a long weekend for us), needless to say it’s a jam-packed few days. Before our son was born, we made it a point to travel to Napa Valley every year and spent many a fabulous long weekend between San Francisco and the Napa and Sonoma valleys as a result. Even now just thinking about those years makes me sigh and chant those were the days. And they were, in there own way. Now my son is in his second year of middle school and while I’ve never said this about a given year before, I can’t wait for this Valentines day to be over. My son’s world has changed dramatically in the past few months as girls we’ve known since preschool have started texting and his first real girlfriend has come and gone, leaving his heart in pieces when she left. At times over the last few days, the uncertainty in his world has felt overwhelming to everyone in our house. I don’t remember the first time I got my heart broken but I know enough to remember it wasn’t fun. As a mom I think I’ve turned from thoughts of my own experience on the happiest of hearts day to that of my son. I find myself wondering what I can do for him on February 14th to help cover that new hole in his heart. In years past we’ve celebrated as a family with cupcakes, candy and cards but this Year I want to up the anti just a bit. My son’s ex bought him Polo Black cologne for Christmas and I’ve noticed since they parted ways, he hasn’t worn it much. That being said, in the wee hours before Valentines day dawns, I plan to use my mom superpowers to make said cologne disappear, leaving in its place on the shelf in his medicine cabinet a fresh, new bottle of Polo Red, complete with a note from me for his eyes only.  And while we’ll still have cupcakes and candy and share a card or two as a family, it’s that note, that little bit of encouragement shared from my heart to the heart of the child I adore, the one God has entrusted me to raise, that just might make this Valentines day the one I consider my favorite years from now.


Faith 15 Blurb: Cooper Hensen is back in the Midwest, a place that holds haunting memories for him. Worse, he’s been labeled the newcomer, the guy now responsible for replacing a pro bowl, quarterback superstar destined for the hall of fame. And while the other guy’s name graces everything around the city from a children’s hospital to a golf course and philanthropic foundation, people keep misspelling Cooper’s, driving him crazy. Twice in as many weeks he’s heard his neighbor, a die-hard other guy fan, refer to him as Copper. Seriously? Cali Carter is a hard charging, no non-sense district attorney determined to clean up the city of Indianapolis. But lately things have shifted and she’s felt torn between her work and the position she fought so hard to achieve, and helping her sister, who’s struggling to manage her own young family and run the small café where she’s invested all of her heart, not to mention her life savings. When a bossy, quick thinker who likes to fix things meets a man with incredible potential clouded by a haunted past, can two household names find a balance of power within their relationship and share the spotlight?

Excerpt: Cooper felt his heart twist in his chest and it was all he could do not to pull himself from the sofa and fall at her feet. She knew. Someone knew what was happening inside his fractured mind. Yet just because she knew didn’t mean she fully understood. If he pulled off his shirt now, while Cali was three feet away with her hands on her hips daring him to step up to the plate, he was pretty certain a few marks scattered across his flesh would be the least of their worries.
He stood and slowly pulled the hem of his oxford from his jeans in an attempt to do the only thing he could think of to appease Cali and potentially pull her mind from its current train of thought. As the shirt came free, Cooper started on the lowest button and had to stop himself from laughing. She wasn’t going to find any marks on his back. He showered with a team of men everyday. Anything wrong with an ounce of his flesh that anyone could see wasn’t job related would land him in the coach’s office quicker than he could say his own name. Showing her his back was harmless, albeit it a little bit raunchy. But still, if Cali wanted a strip tease, who was he to say no?


Meet Nora Snowdon: Valentine’s Day and a tale of True Love!

Although I’m a romance writer, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s too much pressure and expense foisted on one day for no particular reason. And when you’re single, all the romance marketing is downright depressing. That said, I love the après Valentine’s Day Boxing Week Sale when suddenly all lust-laden chocolates are at fire sale prices. Now that’s a holiday I can get into. One year while bargain stalking the drug store below my office, I met Greg. Over a discussion of chocolate tactics—50% was still too expensive, but if you waited for it to hit 90% you’d be stuck with the waxy crap—we struck up a sticky friendship that lasted for years. Don’t get me wrong, our relationship was far deeper than just a shared addiction to heart shaped confectionary. Oh no. We also conferred on the exact date and time the Easter eggs took their price dive, not to mention all the Christmas, Mother’s Day and Halloween bargoons. (Despite our best efforts, the drug store was never convinced to stock up on Guy Fawkes commemorative S’mores. Go figure.) And even though I’ve since moved many miles to the west, I still get e-mails from my friend on the varying chocolate prices in our old store. And I know we’ll always share the memory of that day (Feb 18, 1998) when we shared the Godiva chocolate gift basket at 90% off! Now that was true love…

first sniff

Meet Nora:

Blurb:  When Rosie meets Lucas in a crowded nightclub, it is love at first sniff. But after a fabulous night together she overhears that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child and he is being pushed into a shotgun wedding. Rosie figures why not just give up and buy that trailer in hurricane country? She obviously already has the lifestyle down pat.
Lucas has finally met the woman of his dreams, sexy, funny, bright. The only trouble is- she’s human. His werewolf clan won’t allow him to marry her. Meanwhile they’re trying to push him to marry a suitable mate within the pack. The fact that his only brother was neutered by the SPCA a few years ago only increases the pressure for him to produce offspring. If he can just downplay the negative aspects of being a werewolf – fleas, the desire to chase motorcycles, and Uncle Harold – maybe he can convince Rosie that it’s not such a bad lifestyle choice.
A sexy comedy you can sink your teeth into…

Excerpt: After limping three blocks in her heels, Rosie gave up and took them off. The sidewalk was disgusting, but at least she wouldn’t be wounded for the next few days, unless she stepped on glass. God, what a fool! First, he stalked her. Then he ran out on her right after sex. That should’ve set her libido on caution. Then they run into the other woman – or was she the other woman – and she still didn’t get a clue. Probably if he’d walked into the club that first night with a big red stamp on his forehead saying player she still would’ve fallen for him. Obviously she was a sucker for whatever that stupid cologne was. And she didn’t even check out his medicine cabinet to find out the name of her Kryptonite. Maybe she should wear nose plugs in public for her own protection. Rosie tried walking on the grass for a bit, but the wet leaves felt slimy, like walking on slugs. Yuck! What next? Was she going to get set upon by a wild pack of dingoes? Not that she knew what they were, but it seemed whatever came next would be equally bizarre and annoying. What a stupid day. From just being dumped she’d quickly progressed to a woman about to be dumped because her one night stand had gotten his previous girlfriend pregnant and was about to be forced into a shotgun wedding. Wow. At least she wasn’t crying. She was still too damn mad at herself. And maybe in shock. Listening to Lucas and the other guy arguing had ripped right through her. But then as they continued, she found her brain latching on to the absurdity of it all. There she was being so virtuous while Eva slept her way through the phone book – including the yellow pages – then in one fell swoop she manages to eclipse her friend in sleaziness. Well go big, or go home. Rosie limped up the steps to her apartment and amended the statement. Go big, then go home.


And Last But Not Least: Donna Steele: Valentine’s Day is here!

The most romantic day of the year, and since I write romance, a great day for me. We don’t normally do a lot of celebrating on this day as a couple. The last thing I need is a box of chocolates sitting around calling to me. I’m pretty sure having them in the house causes me to gain a couple of pounds without even being opened. I’ll admit this year our couple-hood has taken a backseat completely on the celebrating front because – Whoo hoo! We became grandparents for the first time on February 2! Maybe not romantic in the traditional sense, but think about it. We’ve been married, and in love, long enough to have a whole new generation to love. That pretty much makes this the best Valentine’s Day ever. Hubby said the most romantic thing to me a short while ago. We’d done a lot of traveling over the holidays, seeing the kids (who were too pregnant to travel). We were home again and in our regular places – me in my chair and him on the couch and he turned to me and said, “I love traveling with you. You soothe me.”  Maybe that doesn’t sound romantic at first blush, but we’ve been married for thirty-six years, raised two kids, worked full time, and he still likes to be with me. Hearing that felt better than any box of chocolates ever could. I think I’ll keep him.

Melting 3

Meet Donna Steele:

Blurb: It began in the north, in the ancient cold before the birth of man. Whether from the actions of man or the cycles of the planet, the primordial ice is melting and bringing back to the atmosphere a virus. One with no known cure for modern day humans. Rachel Gerhart has been a survivor her whole life, now she’s been changed by the virus that destroyed civilization. She trying to keep her differences under wraps, but Sid Saylor knows her secret. He’s been changed as well. Can their new abilities help with the rebuilding of a human civilization?


Lori J Gordon

Best-of-2014-Thumb-600x400 (1)

Office Hours-flat

Excerpt From Office Hours: Saturday Night, Ryan showed up in a black Tux, with a single yellow rose. Emily opened the door in jeans and a t-shirt. “One of us is definitely not dressed for the occasion.” Emily couldn’t help gawking. He looked so sexy her mouth watered. Holding out the rose, he asked. “Can I come in and wait while you change?”

“Why do I have to change? It was my choice and I chose McDonalds. I’ll wait here while you go home and change.”

He shrugged. “I decided I didn’t want to go to McDonalds. It’s bad for my cholesterol.”

The way he said it so seriously Emily couldn’t help laughing. “I’m afraid I don’t have anything classy enough to fit your outfit.” And I definitely don’t want to go anywhere fancy enough to require a Tux.

“Fair enough. Actually, I just came from a friend’s wedding. I have a change of clothes in the truck. But we’re still not going to McDonalds. And you’re not paying”

“We had a deal, Ryan.”

“Not anymore. The deals off, sweetheart.”


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Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop!

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Welcome to the Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop! .

This Holiday season I have a lot to be grateful for and am looking forward to spending Christmas Eve at home with my husband, his mother and our two crazy dogs, Skittles & Bandit.

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